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Herugetsu Empty Herugetsu

Post  Itachi2pt0 on Wed Mar 02, 2011 2:20 am

Name - Herugetsu
Type - Physical
Description - Sealed, like a giant katana. When released
Herugetsu Necromancer
Activation Word(s)-Protect
Ability - In addition to Getsuga Tenshou, grants Kenshin the ability withstand more damage than normal. If he ever get's brought down to 0, or less than 0, he will be able to fight for one post before collapsing.

Bankai (Captains Only)
Name- (Name of the Bankai)
Description- (What it looks like)
Activation Words(s)-
Ability (What it can do, Bonuses, Penalties, Negations (last three are optional and decided by mod) )

Owner - (Who owns the weapon)

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