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Post  Shinigami on Sun Feb 27, 2011 11:53 pm

Name – Kage Urufu (shadow wolf)
Type – physical
Description - The wolf Twins MasterSword
Activation Word(s)- Taste the shadows Fang.
Ability – This special beauty is the beginning of a masterpiece, Fox is the first form of Dante's duel wielding swords, this little beaut allows Dante to warp from one darkness to the next as well as moving like the darkness very quietly and fast as hell. (+50 speed, warping ability)

Name – Shi Urufu (death wolf)
Description - The wolf Twins Prince_of_Persia__sword_by_Skipina
Activation Words(s) – reap the shadows.
Ability – This second stage of the duel wielding swords is more than just awesome its insane! This ability gives Dante a really cool ability that can remove all physical form of Dante actually being hit by weapons or attacks so he can avoid damage fully, BUT, he cannot attack in this form what so ever until he returns to his physical form to take damage as well as inflict damage. But also this gives Dante a really nice surge of power flowing through his body, enough to match the famous Zaraki Kenpachi.

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