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Character Description


General Kurosaki Jinshin Isshin_kurosaki%5B1%5D

Basic Information

Profile Name: Itachi2pt0
Character Name: Kurosaki Jinshin
Gender: Male
Age: 2000 years old (looks about 40)
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 215
Personality: Overall very random and happy go lucky kind of guy. Will hit on anything with boobs.
Loves: Women, sake, beauty
Likes: Good food, friends
Dislikes: Fighting, seriousness
Relationship Status: Single

Basic Info Continued

Rank: General
Location: Sereitei
Position: 1st
Clan: Kurosaki)
Specialty: Zanpakuto

Secondary Specialty: Unarmed


Name - Kengetsu
Type - Kido
Description - Benihime
Ability - Uses Getsuga Tenshou. In addition, it allows Jinshin to use Getsuga Tenshou without swinging his blade (still is expelled from the blade though)

Name- Tensa Kengetsu (Complete)
Description- 2 chains wrapping up Jinshin's arms with 2 fingerless gloves, and bandages wrap around his upper body (he has no other clothing on his upper body).
Ability- Gives Jinshin +60 Speed, +60 Strength. It also allows Jinshin to unleash Tier 3 Getsuga Tenshou without moving, in any direction.

Owner - Kurosaki Jinshin


Jinshin was born on Earth, and for a long time was a protector of city. During the great Shinigami War, he quickly rose through the ranks, taking it upon himself to become the most powerful shinigami who could in order to protect those who he cared about. After the war was settled, and Jinshin killed the rebel leader, he took up the rank of General.

Character Stats

Level: 100
Reiatsu: 300+20 (clan) 320
Speed: 200
Strength: 175



Getsuga Tenshou
Tier 1:

Normal Getsuga Tenshou is just beginning to be trained, and is yet to be refined. It use's 10 reiatsu for each Getsuga Tenshou. Can be used even when not using Shikai form.

Tier 2:

Complete Getsuga Tenshou: Getsuga Tenshou is now trained for, and is far more refined and balanced. The size of the attack can be controlled now, Tier 1 Strength for 10 reiatsu, or a larger and slightly more powerful strike for 15 reiatsu

Tier 3:

Tensa Getsuga Tenshou: Only trainable once 1st stage bankai has been achieved. This technique is by far the most powerful standard Getsuga Tenshou, where the user is capable of using Tier 1 and 2 strength techniques for the same reiatsu costs as stated above, or another more powerful version where the user keeps the getsuga tenshou inside the blade, making their next strike far more powerful at the cost of 20 reiatsu

Tier 4:

Complete Tensa Getsuga Tenshou: This is the most powerful Getsuga Tenshou allowed on this site (there will be no Mugetsu). This technique may only be learned with 2nd stage bankai has been achieved While still being able to use Tiers 1-3 Getsuga Tenshou at the prices stated above, the user can use all of their reiatsu in one devastating attack. The user gathers all of their reiatsu into their blade and unleashes it all at their opponent. This getsuga tenshou is roughly 40 stories tall and has the range of about 5 miles. This is a one hit K.O against any opponent, but afterwards the user loses consciousness, making them vulnerable to attack.

Tier 5:

Rendagetsu: Jinshin raises his hand and a barrage of getsuga tenshou flies out of it, a tube of of them, looking almost like a jet black cero. When it strikes someone it's as though they got hit by multiple tier 3 getsuga tenshou

Unarmed Techniques

Tier 4: Shunpo

Tier 5: Senka

Sword Techniques and Styles

Tier 1
Assisted Slash
Double Handed Brace
Air Step

Tier 2
Improved Assisted Slash
Double Getsuga Tenshou

Kurosaki Clan Style

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