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Post  Ryokou on Sun Mar 13, 2011 11:08 am

Name -- (Style and Technique's Name)
Rank -- (Tier 1-5)
Cost -- (How much Reiatsu Note: Mods will tell you how much is needed)
Requires -- (What rank of other techniques you need, stat reqs and level reqs)
Description -- (What it looks like and what it does)

Name -- Angel's Requiem
Rank -- Tier 3
Cost -- 30 Reiatsu
Requires -- Shikai Release
Description -- Seals Aikou and his oppenent in a sphere of impenetrable black spiritual energy. Aikou will then use his Reiatsu to confuse the enemy into seeing many copies of Aikou and then the copies and Aikou converge upon the enemy and using the copies as a cover the real one strikes from the targets blind spot.

Name -- Angel's Dance
Rank -- Tier 1
Cost -- 10 Reiatsu
Requires -- Shikai release.
Description -- Aikou attacks using both of the blades of his shikai release as pure white feathers float down from the sky distracting and confusing the enemy.

Name -- Angel's Retribution
Rank -- Tier 4
Cost -- 40 Reiatsu
Requires --
Description -- Aikou refracts the light around himself making him practically invisbile and uses the cover to continuously attack the opponent. He whirls around the opponent in order to keep him from guessing where he is as he makes shallow cuts along the opponents body.

Name -- Angel's Blade
Rank -- Tier 2
Cost -- 20 Reiatsu, 10 per additional wave.
Requires --
Description -- Aikou flicks his sword in an arc at the opponent and sends a thin wave of reiatsu at the opponent. This attack is capable of making deep cuts and can be used in quick succession making it a powerful offensive move that can tear an opponent to shreds.

Name -- Scream of an Angel
Rank -- Tier 5
Cost -- 50 Reiatsu
Requires -- Bankai
Description -- Aikou focuses his reiatsu into his sword and when releases it with sudden explosive force when it makes contact with something. The resulting explosion releases a shockwave capable of tearing through concrete.

Name -- Anguish of the Angels
Rank -- Tier 2
Cost -- 20 Reiatsu
Requires -- N/A
Description -- If the victim meets Aikou's eyes they're shown a vision of a world bathed in blood with corpses all around and Aikou sitting upon a throne made of bodies. This vision is short and is merely and intimidation tactic.

More to come.

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