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Post  Itachi2pt0 on Tue Mar 08, 2011 1:45 pm

You will be assigned tasks throughout your rping experience. For these tasks you will get bonuses of wc and access to more dangerous techniques.

Menial Tasks: Usually cleaning, running errands, delivering messages.

100 wc to complete, 250 wc bonus, and may choose one Tier 1 Sword Style Technique to automatically learn

Tasks: Basic duties, battling the opposition, protecting or destroying a location (usually involves a battle of some sort)

2000 wc to complete, 500 wc bonus, and may learn one Tier 1 (or 0-19 kido) technique automatically

Important Task: Usually assigned by a higher up, usually involves a battle with the opposition in some way

4000 wc to complete, 1000 wc bonus, can learn one Tier 2 (or 20-39 kido) technique automatically

Major Task: Usually assigned to lieutenants, tends to involves a major battle

8000 wc to complete, 2000 wc bonus, can learn one Tier 3 (or 40-59 kido) technique automatically


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