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Post  Itachi2pt0 on Tue Mar 08, 2011 12:15 pm

Character Description


Alpharius Omegon 5023399359_cfdf04ff23

Basic Information

Profile Name: Itachi2pt0
Character Name: Alpharius Omegon
Gender: Male
Age: Looks about 30
Height: 6'2"
Weight: (self explanatory)
Personality: Amazingly Cheerful for how creepy his reiatsu is
Loves: Doing Rakdos' bidding, killing mindless Hollows that commit only violent acts
Likes: Shinigami that think before they act, improving himself
Dislikes: Senseless violence

Basic Info Continued

Rank: Espada Number 4
Position: Rakdos

Weapons: Vidasegador- Massacre, Vidasegador

Alpharius Omegon Disturbed-1080i

Power 1: +60 Speed, +60 Strength
Power 2: High Speed Regeneration: As long it is not his brain or internal organs that have been damaged, Omegon can regenerate for 40 reiatsu
Power 3: Terrifying Aura: Omegon is able to increase his reiatsu's creepiness in intensity at will. This slows anyone (including friends) by 20 speed. Costs 20 reiatsu to activate + 5 reiatsu to maintain. Any non-shinigami or arrancar around Omegon when he does this will die (NPC's)


Omegon is a very laid back nearly human being looking Espada. He epitomizes the white side of Rakdos, to the point where it has been rumored that Omegon is really a part of Rakdos given it's own consciousness. However, like Rakdos himself (and adding to the mythos behind Omegon) Omegon's abilities do not always reflect his mood. His powers are the antithesis of his beliefs, absolute destruction in its purest form.

Character Stats

Level: 90
Reiatsu: 200
Speed: 200
Strength: 150


Cero (and similar techniques)

Tier 2
Cero Doble

Tier 4
Cero (Black) from hand
Bala Barrage
Grand Ray Cero
Espada Del Muerte

Unarmed Techniques

Tier 4

Sword Techniques and Styles

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4
Cero Strike

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