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Post  Itachi2pt0 on Sun Mar 06, 2011 12:39 am

So you've got your character all nice and ready but you want to start learning some stuff for them so they aren't a single move kind of fighter. This is how you do that.

All kido has three stages of learning, but it's all pretty easy to learn:
0-9: 500 wc
10-19: 1000 wc
20-39: 3000 wc
40-59: 4000 wc
60-79: 5000 wc
80-99: 10000 wc

The first time you learn a kido, you have to use a incantation, which is represented by a decrease in damage. If you so choose, you can type the wc again for the spell so that it does it's normal damage, showing that you don't need the incantation. Finally, if you type the wc again when you do the incantation it makes the technique more powerful.

Like kido there are two forms of cero. If you have to learn a cero, you have to "charge up" the cero which means that you cannot reflexively use a cero to counter an attack nor can you do anything besides the cero in your post if you use that tier. If you type the wc again for it, it shows that you have fully mastered that level of cero. You must type both sets of wc before you can move up in tier. Same goes for bala.

Tier 1: 1000 wc
Tier 2: 3000 wc
Tier 3: 6000 wc
Tier 4: 10000 wc
Tier 5: 150000 wc


Tier 1: 3000 wc
Tier 2: 5000 wc
Tier 3: 7000 wc
Tier 4: 10000 wc
Tier 5: 15000 wc

Sword Techniques
Tier 1: 500 wc
Tier 2: 1500 wc
Tier 3: 4000 wc
Tier 4: 7000 wc
Tier 5: 11000 wc

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