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Post  Itachi2pt0 on Thu Mar 03, 2011 2:41 pm

So you have a zanpakuto, whether you're Arrancar or Shinigami. You want to start learning how to control it and use it now. This is not an easy task. As a matter of fact for some it is impossible. But here is how YOU can do it

For shinigami there are 3 forms of zanpakuto

Shikai- This is the first release of the zanpakuto, simply gained by learning the zanpakuto's name. In order to achieve this technique you need to gain 25,000 wc. Shikai gets one technique or one ability. This is not dedicated wc, it's just how much wc you need after you create a character.

Bankai (Incomplete)- You've learned how to release your bankai but have not quite learned how to master it. You get one ability and one technique to use with the bankai. You need 100,000 wc, but can be reduced in half by training with someone who already has a bankai. If you do train it has to be dedicated wc, if you don't it isn't. Stat increases can not exceed 50 total stat increases.

Bankai (Complete)- You've mastered your sword. You can now have multiple abilities or techniques for your bankai (maximum of two ability and two techniques bankai specific). You need 125,000 wc to achieve this. It does not have to be dedicated wc. Stat increases cannot exceed 100 total stat increase unless you forgo other techniques, in which case you can have a maximum of 200 stat increase.

For the Arrancar it's a little bit different, considering that they can release their zanpakuto when they are first created. The difficulty is the abilities to learn and control.

Ability One: 15,000 non-dedicated wc
Ability Two: 50,000 non-dedicated wc
Ability Three: 100,000 non dedicated wc
Ability Four: 135,000 non dedicated wc

Stat Increases cannot exceed 100 stat increases

NOTE: You have to type the wc listed, they do not decrease at all except for bankai (incomplete). To get your fourth ability you have to type 135,000 wc, not 35,000 wc because you already typed 100,000 wc.

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