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10th Division Headquarters & Barracks Empty 10th Division Headquarters & Barracks

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10th Division Headquarters & Barracks 190px-10th_Division_Insignia

The Tenth Division (十番隊, jūbantai) follows the traditional organization of a Gotei 13 Division. Their division color is dark green, and their insignia is a Daffodil which signifies mystery and egoism. According to the Soul Reaper Women's Association aptitude test, this division is best for those who treasure their childhood friends as Captain Hitsugaya approves highly of those who sign their friends and acquaintances from ones childhood up for the division. The Association goes on to state that the tenth division is for the kind and thoughtful Soul Reapers.

Like all the other barracks, the 10th Division Barracks house the offices and living quarters of the Soul Reaper of the 10th. Rangiku and Hitsugaya share an office. Rangiku has a habit of sleeping on the sofa in the office and accusing Hitsugaya of being in her room when she wakes up. She is also known to hide alcohol in Hitsugaya's desk.

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Noyamano Nami

Theme Song: Can't Be Tamed

Blissfully unaware of all the things that were transpiring within the rest of Soul Society (it had been unusually quiet in the past few days anyways, with her only encounters having been with a couple of her higher ranking officers who liked to bully her around, the First Division Captain and the Grand General of Soul Reapers), Nami strolled out through the Tenth Division Training Grounds, walking across the rather calm field despite the climb people had to endure to get up here. The soothing winds were rather tranquil, thought Nami, her signature skill of predicting weather giving her some room for comfort and amusement, as she walked across the edge of the field, looking to the side over to the West Gate of Soul Society that was at a seemingly neverending distance away. The mist, or rather, clouds, hid the ground from plain view rather expertly this time of year. She was rather surprised that Soul Society had weather. Granted she did not remember much of her life when she was alive, since she had died when she was still a baby. Well, at least she believed she did. Bellemere had said that she looked only a few months old when she had found her in Soul Society. Sighing and deciding not to delve into the past, as that would only make her more homesick, the tangerine haired girl then looked up, her eyes coming to rest on the sky above, watching over the horizon. She spotted the Sōkyoku Hill, iconic, large, rocky mesa located at the center of Seireitei in Soul Society, where it was overlooked by the Senzaikyū.

She put both hands on her waist and could not help but let out a sigh of contentment. This world, Soul Society, was a beautiful place. By that she meant the dimension itself, not the people in it. She knew first hand how bastardly they were, especially those in the Districts further from the center of Soul Society. She just stood there for a few long moments, letting the wind caress the areas of her revealed skin and sooth her well-toned frame into bliss. After a few minutes, however, she decided she should probably begin her training. Hence, reaching into the deeper confines of her standard personnel Soul Reaper uniform's black kosode, pulling out the small wakizashi that was the material embodiment of her currently dormant and sealed zanpakutou spirit; the source of her, and every other soul reapers' main power.

Nami then looked left, then right, to make sure no one was around, before sliding off her gladiator sandals. Unlike most soul reapers, Nami had made some customized changes to her Goten 13 soul reaper uniform. Most specifically, she had discarded the white tabi and waraji that most soul reapers wore on their feet. Nami liked her feet bare; she enjoyed it when the wind brushed against her toes. Besides, socks got sweaty and dirty and she did not want to have Athlete's foot or sticky feet in the midst of battle. She did not understand how the rest of the soul reapers - her seniors and others out there - tolerated it. Hence, she had opted for strappy, black high heel gladiator sandals that left a large portion of her feet exposed to the air.

Now barefoot, the tangerine haired girl crossed her legs one upon the other and sat up with her back straight. Placing the then zanpakutō on her lap, the tangerine haired girl closed her eyes, intent on getting to feel her zanpakutou, as she remembered the meditation lessons that she had received from the Shinō Academy, the descriptions she had learnt from the book she had obtained from the book on meditation that she had gotten her hands on from the Daireishokairō, the repository of all the knowledge and history of the Soul Society, as well as the form that the Grand General had shown her that he used in order to communicate with his.

It was rather hard for her, she had to admit. This technique, called Jinzen or Blade Zen, the sole method of communication with one's zanpakutou spirit other than the spirit itself calling onto you. It was truly, without a doubt, the only real and easily accessible way to carry on a proper conversation with one's Zanpakutō. One places their sword over their lap and takes a meditative pose and then forces their mind to become one with the Zanpakutō. However, for one who had not given meditation much attention at all before, she needed that as a prerequisite in order to perform Jinzen, hence first she would learn to meditate from the book she had, then continue on with this.

Nami began with thoughts about the solitary plain area she was in. The Tenth Division Training Grounds were a perfect place to train her own self in order to get into her own Inner World. Its marvellously refreshing winds and open plains calmed her in a way, and she knew it would calm her spirits too. She let the winds caress her skin, the dark clouds above adding a nice touch to the scenery. Unlike most, Nami had never enjoyed the sun. It was nice and all, but the yellow light hit her in the eyes and she had disliked it. She had preferred the rain more, to be honest, or black cumulus clouds in the sky at least that would blot out the sun. The grass, wavering with the winds, tickled some of the sides of her uncovered bare feet that it could touch through her cross legged position, not enough to tickle Nami or distract her from the task at hand, but more than a welcome aspect to give her a soothing feeling.

There was no other opinion in her mind regarding it, at least for Nami. The calm and serene surroundings of the Tenth Division would be easier to meditate in, which would mean that she could get focused on her very own training to unleash her Shikai, the initial release stage, a whole lot quicker. That was what she intended to do today, or more particularly, within the span of the next few hours. She knew she only had to learn the name of her zanpakutou to access the Shikai initial release stage, the second form (or first "upgraded" form), available to any Zanpakutō in all of Soul Society and beyond. To activate it, the young unseated soul reaper knew that she needed to learn the name of her Zanpakutō. She knew for a fact that it was not as easy as simply picking a name, as the living spirit of the Zanpakutō already had its own name. Therefore, the soul reaper knew that she must first of all be able to communicate and harmonize with her Zanpakutō effectively, which required being able to speak to the spirit within its own world - her very own Inner World. The tangerine haired ample bosomed young teenage looking girl knew that Zanpakutō could change their size and shape depending on the spiritual strength of the owner.

The barefoot girl knew that zanpakutō were the trademark weapons of the Soul Reaper. Capable of cutting spiritual bodies, they were amongst the few weapons which can be used to combat Hollows. Each Soul Reaper, including Nami, carried a Zanpakutō, and each Zanpakutō was unique: as the swords were both reflections of a Soul Reaper's soul and power, and sentient beings unto themselves. The Zanpakutō's name was also the name of the living spirit that empowers the sword and lended its strength to the Soul Reaper who wielded it. These beings could vary greatly in appearance and have their own distinct personalities which matched their owner's. Normally, the Zanpakutō spirit could only be seen by its wielder. Otherwise, Nami knew that they dwelled in their own "inner world", created within the minds of the Soul Reapers who wielded them. As such, each Soul Reaper's inner world was drastically different from another Soul Reaper's and is unique to themselves. A Zanpakutō's spirit can bring its wielder into its inner world, though Soul Reaper can voluntarily achieve this simply by meditation, as the Grand General Kurosaki Jinshin had shown her earlier when she had been at the Sake Bar with him, which what she was going to learn to do today.

A Zanpakutō's shape and abilities were based on their Soul Reaper's soul. Once a Soul Reaper learned his or her sword's name, they were able to communicate with one another and grow stronger together. Zanpakutō were born with their Soul Reaper and they die along with their Soul Reaper. Soul Reapers use them in battle as a reflection of their heart. When released, they can display a vibrant power. They are one with the Soul Reaper, and they shared a Soul Reaper's conviction. Nami wanted a partner in battle like that, and she was eager to obtain one.

She knew what it meant to obtain her Shikai. Achievement of the Shikai was a mark of control of a Zanpakutō, and it appeared to be a requirement for advancement within the Soul Reaper ranks, as presumably most seated officers were capable of Shikai; at least as far as Nami herself had witnessed. It was also without a doubt required in order to achieve the rank of lieutenant; as it was a requirement most captains looked for. After first learning the Zanpakutō's name, the Shikai could be performed at will simply by speaking a command followed by the Zanpakutō's name. The commands varied between users and range from a simple imperative verb to a short poem. They often related to the Zanpakutō's signature ability, or hint at the nature of its spirit. This step may be bypassed by expert Soul Reapers who have learned how to use their Bankai.

Once the Shikai is activated, the Zanpakutō would change form to access whatever special abilities it is capable of. Nami knew for a fact that they almost always took on the form of a weapon of some kind, though the type of weapon could vary greatly among different Zanpakutō. Once the Shikai was activated, the Zanpakutō would change form to access whatever special abilities it is capable of. The special abilities of the Zanpakutō, like the Zanpakutō itself, have specific names that usually must be announced to fully activate the effect. As she had learnt from her days in the Shinou Academy, explained by her seniors, knowing the name of an attack and not knowing it makes a very drastic difference in the amount of power that attack utilizes. However, it was also a confirmed fact that some, if not most, special abilities were automatically activated upon release. She knew there were several types of Zanpakutō though only three types were the ones that she recalled by name at the current moment in time as she was thinking about these things, having them go off the top of her head before beginning the actual meditation exercise. These were the melee, Kidō and Elemental types. Kidō had many sub-groups and the Elemental-types while part of Kidō-type grouping, was so big and diverse that it was able to stand on its own as its on grouping.

The tangerine haired girl herself wanted some kind of super cool ability. Like being able to summon a giant dragon of ice, or, maybe being able to scatter her blade into countless pieces so that she could attack from multiple angles! Heck, how about a giant axe or something?! That would be epic! She grinned outwardly at the prospect, widely, and it was very much a guaranteed fact that had not stars been shining in her eyes she would have gone to rot by now. Yes, Nami dreamed of super cool weapons that would take her to the very, very, top. She wanted to become a Captain, the strongest there ever was, so she could become uber rich and uber respected, and then finally fulfill her dream of drawing a map of the whole of Soul Society. With the diverse selection of zanpakutou out there, Nami could not really base what she wanted on any one particular type. She wanted whatever could take her to the top, and was not lame.

Well, enough thinking, decided the tangerine haired girl. Now it was time for she to to begin her meditation experience.

"Alright, meditation, eh?" she said to herself, taking in a deep breath, her ample bosom rising before collapsing with a bounce which would have caused a nosebleed to any pervert had they been there to witness her. However, in an effort not to deviate from the topic at hand the incredibly awesome author of this post intends to return to the aspect of meditation that was at first a prerequisite before performing Jinzen. Meditation was helpful for the body, it stilled anxiety, and was generally beneficial. This was scientifically proven, according to her friends in the Twelveth Division. So there were many reasons to meditate. There was no doubt that it could help stress, depression, and anxiety. It was helpful for the emotional problems of daily life, when things went wrong. It opened the heart and made you more aware. And when awareness rose, so did wisdom, and the wisdom that arose from meditation is very powerful.

"Okay then, let's begin!" Everyone could meditate, no matter who or what they are. Nami knew that was a fact. You should commit to daily meditation, no matter for how long. Until you sit down on a cushion or on a chair or any soft place, meditation won't start. The most important point was to take a comfortable seat. That was the reason why she had chosen this place. The grass here was plush, and the soft alluvial soil of Soul Society Was perfect to provide both a natural surrounding that a nature attracted girl like herself would be able to enjoy, as well as the fresh winds of this place which were calming and soothing, adding a further touch of relaxation. But wherever you were, Nami knew for a fact that if you practiced meditation every day for fifteen or twenty minutes, after a while when you would look back, there would be no doubt of its effectiveness.

But why is awareness so important, one may ask? Because it was the nature of wisdom. One may meditate because ones wants peace. After a tiring battle, perhaps. Nami had to remember, and she did remember quite well, that no one always won, and losing left a sour feeling in everyone's hearts. In order to get rid of it, one may meditate. Most importantly, like Nami was doing right now, one may meditate so that they may be able to get in touch with their internal world - their Inner World - where their souls and their zanpakutou's spirits resided. All sorts of expectations could arise in one's mind. It was possible that you may experience peace, but most of the time one will not. Why? It was not a problem with the meditator. At the beginning there may be a sense of calm and peace. But after a while one's mind will seem even worse than before. But Nami knew she had to always remember that even though her mind may seem worse, actually it Was better. Right now, Nami knew that she needed to focus on the spirit of meditation. She needed to remember that she had must keep the continuity of a practice, like a river. Regardless of whether or not her mind may seem better or worse than before, she knew she should continue practice, and she would improve by leaps in bounds. It was like washing your clothes or dishes. If she would wash them regularly, it would not even be remotely any more difficult than everyday routine. But if she did not it would be difficult to clean them whenever she would try to.

Nami knew she could not let that happen. She needed to be one with her zanpakutou's spirit at any point in her future career as a soul reaper, specifically when she would be ready to begin her Bankai training. It was obviously an understood fact that as meditation was a prerequisite of the Jinzen technique, she would need to meditate each time she would need to communicate with her zanpakutou. She also knew that as each zanpakutou had their individual moods, it may very well be that she might have upset her zanpakutou should she not communicate with her often. A wielder knew their Zanpakutō spirit very closely and vice versa. The connection was very deep, though in the beginning the connection was one sided with the wielder being unable to fully hear the spirit communicating with them. It was not uncommon for the introduction of the two (Soul Reaper and Zanpakutō spirit) to take place in the Inner World while the prospective Soul Reaper slept.

A Zanpakutō was generated by its wielder upon the solidification of their Reiryoku into the sword's form. Commonly, when a Soul Reaper graduated from the training academy, he or she gained his or her own unique weapon, like Nami herself had obtained hers upon graduating from Shinou Academy. When a Soul Reaper obtained their own Zanpakutō, they would learn its name and become able to "activate" it. This activated ability was called the "Shikai," the first of two levels of activation, which Nami was trying to achieve. When a Zanpakutō sword is changed into its Shikai form, what is actually being seen is the true form of the weapon.

Wielding a Zanpakutō was more than a simple matter of skill in swordsmanship, Nami knew and understood that well. Since the swords themselves were alive, a Soul reaper must obtain his or her sword's cooperation to truly maximize its performance. This could be done in a variety of ways, though it seemed that the orthodox approach involved subjugating the sword; the Soul Reaper belonging to the Thirteen Court Guardian Squads kept their swords sealed into the forms of ordinary katana and had strict rules about when and where they were allowed to release their true forms. Keeping a sword in its unsealed form all the time, however, was without a doubt considered gauche, as a sign of carelessness and / or inexperience. The Soul Reaper also use certain phrases when they activate their swords, which to Nami appeared to be necessary to release the seals keeping the swords' powers bound. These were always phrased as commands, further emphasizing the "subjugation" aspect of Zanpakutō control. Most swords had at least one, though some Soul Reapers use more than one to command their weapons. Nami was eager to know her own.

However, Nami knew for a fact that it was not enough to simply know the name of one's Zanpakutō. If the wielder were to lend its power to its Zanpakutō then the weapon would become stronger. To fully use a Zanpakutō's power, a wielder must get to know its Zanpakutō's spirit, which is what Nami was intending to do once she could get in touch with it. First she had to know its name, though, and for that, back to meditation.

Nami knew that the reason why people's mind seems worse after meditating for a while is that her emotional problems were coming to the surface. It was important to let what needs to come out, come out. She knew she had to try not to judge her thoughts. And she knew she could not chase after them or hold onto them. If she would follow this instruction, meditation became very easy. She knew that when these emotions come up, hold on strongly to her mental focus. If her mind was calm, her focus could be more relaxed. The orange haired girl knew for a fact that all meditators experienced emotional upset and crying when they practiced. She knew she had to let this be and afterwards there would be peace, allowing her to access her inner world.


A few hours had past and after Nami had been through all the crying and remiscing regarding her past, she had decided it was time she began the Jinzen. She was rather surprised that no one had ever bother to come here. Oh well, time for her to get going with it. Opening her eyes and wiping away the tears from their redness, she picked up her zanpakutou and, unsheating it, struck it into the earth in front of her like the sword in the stone. Standing up, the orange haired girl took a few steps back away from her zanpakutou's material but unsealed manifestation before lowering her torso and placing her hands on her knees to look at it. Within the scabbard lay a sword. The scabbard itself was a shade of black with dark brown circular pattern designed across it, while the apparent hilt of the sword itself was a shade of dark purple, with white samurai diamonds designed across it, matching her top and gi pants respectively.

Nami blinked as she stared at it. It was her zanpakutou. Nami then reassumed her cross legged Lotus position - the perfect and most used position for any meditative stance - in front of the zanpakutou, before closing her eyes shut and taking in deep breathes as she released all of the seven chakras that she had learnt to do just hours prior as she meditated. The orange haired girl did as she was told, her vision being overcomed by welcoming darkness. A streak of thoughts played across her mind, though she slowly let them go as she was told. When she finished twenty deep breaths, she began the process of releasing all the seven of the chakras in order to initiate the technique she was intending to perform.

Chakras were nexes of metaphysical or biophysical energy within the spiritual body. There were seven chakras, each situated at a different location in the body, albeit all located on a central vertical axis. Each chakra had a purpose and dealt with a different emotion. As such, each chakra could be opened and closed depending on a given individual's state of mind. When a chakra was open, energy was free to flow about the body. On the contrary, energy flow was restricted when a chakra is sealed. In order to understand this concept, the Noyamano clanswoman had imagined a series of connected pools as an analogy to the concept of chakras. The pools, representing the chakras, were connected by waterfalls and channels, and were initially blocked by algae and muck, representing an individual's own emotional debris. Due to this, the water, representing energy, stagnates and can no longer pass through the channels. When the clogs of algae are removed, symbolizing the opening of the chakras, it allows the water to flow through the channels again, streaming through each pool, fresh and clear. She needed this continous flow of energy in order to initiate Jinzen to reach into the confines of her Inner World and communicate with her zanpakutou. Most people could open all the chakras without a second thought, however, as Nami was still knew to this, she had to go at it step by step so she would not overload her mind.

The first to open was the Earth Chakra, located in the base of the spine. It is blocked by Fear, and circulates through Survival. Nami went into meditation, and saw her fears laid out before her, including the man who shot her adoptive mother Bellemere, her sister Nojiko being dragged underground by a large Hollow, the crime grime and corruption of District Seventy Eight of Rukongai, and even herself being caught by a large Menos Grande that was destroying their surroundings. Finally, she saw herself surrounded by fire, sitting before a man who appeared to be the King of Hueco Mundo. After clearing her thoughts, the images disappeared, and Nami gave a sigh of relief as she came out of meditation, realizing that the first chakra had been opened.

The second one was the Water Chakra, circulated through by Pleasure, blocked by Guilt and located at the sacrum. When thinking about what she blames herself for, Nami reminisced of the day she stole the equipment in order to make her map and upset her adoptive mother Bellmere, when she had yelled at her and ran away from home. On top of this, she remembered the time that she was unable to prevent that man from hurting Bellemere and Nojiko and almost shooting her. She then realized that she had to accept that these things had happened, and urged herself to prevent them from clouding her judgment and her spiritual energy. She knew for a fact that she must forgive herself. With a deep breath and a gulp, she did so, and successfully opened the second chakra.

The orange haired girl then proceeds with the unlocking of the third chakra, blocked by Shame and circulated through by Resolve - the most important aspect of a Soul Reaper - and located in the stomach, by asking herself what she feels guilty of. She then had a vision of when she first attempted to learn zanjutsu and severely cut the hands of her training partner at the Academy. She remembered that she had thought that she would never fight with a bladed weapon again after that, but now she realized that in order to obtain balance, she must accept all the aspects of the life of the Soul Reaper, especially zanjutsu or swordfighting because that was every Soul Reaper's main weapon and the main source or battery of their powers. Nami knew that she was a Soul Reaper - one that intended to become the strongest and richest there ever was, no less - and therefore she was also a Master Swordsmanship Specialist or would soon learn to be. Nami accepted her destiny, and successfully opened the third chakra.

For the orange haired girl sitting in a cross legged Lotus position in the middle of the grassy and windy Tenth Squad Training Grounds now in the middle of the night, several hours having have passed since she had began her training to unleash her zanpakutou, she realized that she now needed to move on to the fourth chakra, blocked by Grief, circulated through by Love and located in the Heart. Laying her grief before her, the tangerine haired weather decipherer sees all of the innocent Pluses who were eliminated by the Hollows during the Menos Grande Genocide that had occured a few months ago when she had still been in the early stages of her Soul Reaper career, with her graduation card not having yet been obtained. The pluses faded away, and become smoke. Love, according to what she believed, was a form of energy that flowed around. She realized that the love lost by those whom she has lost, as well as Bellemere's and Nojiko's love for Nami still existed and formed itself inside of new love - her zanpakutou's spirit. Nami, wiping away her tears - they had come out again, unlocked the fouth chakra.

Moving on, Nami recalled that the fifth chakra was blocked by "the lies we tell ourselves", and circulated through by Truth and located in the Throat. Nami remembered the instance when she concealed her true dream from the Grand General only hours prior when she had been with him, because she did not want him to take her dream by way of jest and laugh about it, as well as when she had hidden from Bellemere how much she was interested in map making and had gone and stolen the books she had needed to make maps, only to lie to Bellemere again when she had been caught. However, now she understood that she cannot lie about her own nature, and that she must accept her duty as the brilliant cartographer (map maker) and meteorologist (weather studier), as well as her new occupation as a Soul Reaper of the Thirteen Court Guardian Squads. With a sigh and a vision, Nami accepted this idea, and she opened the Sound Chakra successfully.

For the sixth chakra, the chakra of Insight that was blocked by illusions and located in the forehead, Nami began by thinking that the greatest illusion is that of separation, and that things we think of as separate and different are in fact one and the same. Nami instantly connected this concept with the aspect of Spiritrons and how they formed all matter wheather living or non-living within Soul Society and then she realized that every individual is part of one collective people, yet lives as if separated. Nami realized that everyone was profoundly connected, making divisions meaningless. She continued to think about how in reality everything, this world in its entirety, was only an illusion, created by our senses - what we saw, heard, smelt, touched and tasted became the illusionary world that we live in, and what we are unable to perceive is the true nature of the world around us.

Finally, she moved onto the final chakra, the one located on the crown of the head. Circulated through by pure spiritual energy and blocked by worldly attachments, Nami meditates on what she is attached to, and when only images of Bellemere and Nojiko began to flood her mind, she realized that she had to let go of her attachments. Nami was taken aback by these and wondered how she could let go of Bellemere and Nojiko when she loved them - she bit down on her lip, beginning to tremble. She wondered why he would choose spiritual energy over the ones she loved, and how exactly attachments could be bad when it was perfectly acceptable "three chakras ago". Nami, with subtle determination, offers to try to let go of her loved ones and her earthly attachments. She felt a light engulf her, as the last thought that flashed through mind was that of the zanpakutou in front of her.

The wakizashi embedded into the ground in front of her began to glow brightly. Nami, with her eyes still closed, quickly felt the rush of spiritual energy around her and let it engulf her.

"JINZEN!" She declared, initiating the technique in the only way she knew how, by focusing on her spirit blade. Soon enough, for what was apparently some completely unknown reason however, it would seem that the blade seemed to call onto her. She did not know why, or how, but she seemed drawn to it. She did know however, that her Jinzen had become a success. It had worked, now she could...

Suddenly she felt a jerk of power overcome her and the traditional Japanese sword with a shōtō blade that was the unsealed embodiment of her soul slayer's spiritual energy in material form glowed in an even brighter hue than before - the extent that Nami could feel the light despite her eyes being closed - before the world itself seemed to fade to black around Nami's vision as she slipped into unconsciousness.

It felt as though she were falling; only she wasn't. It felt as though she was sinking, yet she did not feel her own weight. Instead of the feeling of a plummet, she felt more like she were simply being drawn downward by an unknown power, much like the current of a river or the pull of a vortex. Yet, instead of it being a physical force that was making her drop, it felt more like the power of a conscious action, as if something was willingly drawing her downward. She could not see what she was being drawn to, as her face remained staring 'upward', and even then all she could see was the darkness that surrounded her. In vain, she tried to 'hear' her surroundings, but just as there was no light in the void, there was also no sound. For a time, she even considered whether she was still in reality or not.

"Am I dead?" she felt her mouth utter, though she could not hear her own words. She wasn't even sure if she was breathing or not, much less exhaling in order to generate verbal sound. Thus, for a time, perhaps even an eternity, all she could do was continue her silent descent, drawing deeper and deeper into the darkness.

As she could not feel outward from herself, she instead chose to see if she could feel inward. But once more it was in vain, as she could not even feel her own heartbeat or any other inner workings of her body. She tried to move her eyes and then blink, but she was unable to do either, as if the very impulses required had faded from her mind. She then attempted to move her fingers or her toes, but though she was sure the command had been issued, she felt neither twitch. Not even her attempt to draw breath through her mouth and her nostrils seemed to draw any kind of feeling to her consciousness.

Now she was beginning to wonder whether she was still in her physical body or not, or if somehow her soul had been removed. It was only logical; had she been able to perform a physical action or reflex, surely her body would have told her she had succeeded in doing so. Surely she would have sensed something in the darkness, from any of her five working senses.

And then, without cause or warning, something had occurred. Something that she couldn't describe, but something that she instantly knew was real and vivid. Something, that she felt happen.

She suddenly felt her feet rest against solid ground, though she could still not see it. She felt as her center of gravity shifted in order to balance herself upon her new foundation. She stumbled, almost instinctively, to keep from falling on his face, and in the process she felt her arms shift to maintain her equilibrium. Then she realized she could feel her eyes blink once, and then twice, as they attempted to adjust to the void around her. It was a slow process, but she began to feel her body again, with each feeling familiar and yet still unique in each one's own right.

…Welcome, young prodigal…

The joy she felt at being able to feel again came to an abrupt end as she turned her head to and from to locate the source of those words. Yes, they were merely words because she had not heard them spoken out as a voice. Instead, it felt as though the words had suddenly appeared in her mind, with each letter appearing and fading in and out of the void. It was almost as though the originator was nowhere, and yet strangely, everywhere.

And with the same amount of suddenness, her surroundings were made clear to him. While there was no one else around him, she thought she could actually make out the sounds of voices in the distance. A mysterious choir that sang out as one, all in a pitch that could be considered both light and dark at the same time. Much like whatever source that was behind those words in his head, the voices seemed to have been coming from everywhere and nowhere as well.

She then deigned to look down, from which he saw that he was standing on a platform or pedestal of some kind. One that was apparently made of multi-colored glass at its peak, patterned in similar design to the windows of a church. Surrounding her foundation and suspended in the dark were other stained glass images that each depicted a unique, individual scene of some kind. From one to the other, she looked between the images, each of which seemed familiar to him in some way, but she couldn't put his mind to identifying them. At least momentarily.

It was then that she realized that each scene represented a moment in human history, with the saint-like figures displayed being individuals who had carved their names into legend: Kurosaki the First, overseeing what was assumed to be the Battle of Nanabi from his chariot, his mighty giant zanpakutou held up high; Kurosaki Ichigo II gazing up at the sky, watching as the moon began to eclipse the sun; Kaname Tosen II looking toward the Hanging Gardens around him; Son Goku gazing out over the vastness of the destruction wrought upon Planet Namek in all his golden Super Saiyan glory; Julius Caesar marshalling his Roman legions to overtake an unseen enemy; Genryuusai Shigekuni Yammamoto sitting upon the throne of Soul Society one thousand years ago for the first time, his then young eyes reaching out to all before him; Saladin sitting upon his war horse, scimitar risen as if to signal his army to charge against the invading Franks; Oda Nobunaga standing over a field of battle with a katana in each hand; Gol D. Roger kneeling with a large grin on his face, presumably the place where he was to be executed. And the last he recognized amongst the various images was the striking figure of Hanyou Rakdos, King of Hueco Mundo, standing in front of the Los Noches castle, his power easily perceived by those whose eyes fell upon him.

…Welcome to this hallowed ground…

"Who are you?" he heard himself speak with his own voice and his own ears. His eyes still scanned the abyss before him, but they found nothing.

…I am your power…

…I am your being…

…I am your companion…

…I am your weapon…

…Do you accept me?…

The look she expressed toward those words was a peculiar one. For some reason it felt as though those words held more meaning than they should have, and yet she had no reason to put any weight on them. "I don't understand…"

…You will in time…

Still not finding a visual source for what was entering her mind's eye, she phrased her next question carefully. "Are you the one who brought me to this… realm?"


"Why?" he demanded with certain force.

…Did you not want to hear my name?…

…To return you to your true form?…

…I brought you hear to guide you back onto the path that is your destiny…

…To return the Concubine to her rightful place as a Queen…

Suddenly a jerk of remembrance. She remembered what she had been doing before she had been teleported to this dimension. She figured out where this place was. What this place was.

"You're my… Are you saying I have not been true to myself all this time?" she asked with confusion evident. "That I have been living a lie?"

…Much of your life has been based on a lie, from the day of your birth to the incident with your adoptive mother…

…It was only five years ago that you obtained your rightful power and chose your rightful form…

…And it was also five years ago that these were stolen from you, forcing you to become a slave to those you declared war against…

She contemplated those words. "… Central 46. I regained my rightful power when I manifested you for the first time when I was in Shinou Academy, and then became a slave to them when I had to follow their rules of not training my Shikai until I was a full fledged soul reaper… What is that you want from me when I regain this power?"

…Continue as you had…

…Become as great a Queen as those that are inscribed before you, if not greater…

…Command your legions against your hated enemy, and bring both torment and salvation to the world in which you dwell…

Suddenly she felt the urge to look down at herself. Instead of clothes that she was used to, the standard Thirteen Court Guardian Squads uniform consisting of the Shihakushō or the Garment of Dead Souls - a white shitagi, a black kosode, a black hakama, a white hakama-himo, white tabi, and waraji, she was dressed in what appeared to be a belly dancing outfit. It consisted of a very tight and very revealing dark blue belly dancing top that covered her round breasts and made her ample bosom even more prominent and bouncy, and her lower area was covered by a long pale belly dancing frock covering her hips down - revealing some of her hips, reaching down just down below her knees, her gladiator sandals covering her feet still and the frock had a cut in it similar to a qipao dress from where her bare legs could emerge and be seen. There was a gold bracelet on her arm and gold bracelets on both her forearms, and a pinkish white cloth that was covering across her body like a jacket and tied across her waist just above her exposed belly button. She wondered why she was dressed that way, and yet for a reason she could not explain, this ensemble felt as natural to her form as water.

…The course is now reset…

…Everything that was preordained will now be placed into motion once more…

And then from her clothing she looked back onto her waist, and noticed that her wakizashi, her zanpakutou attached to her waist in its scabbard. Nami waited for the voice again, walking across the pedestal that was her mind. "Hey!?" she called. Where was the voice? Where was her zanpakutou's spirit? What had just happened? Did touching that sword do something to her? She thought, as she looked down at it upon her waist and gripped its hilt in her finger. Should she pull it out? Would that do more damage to her? Dammnit, so many questions inside her head while she was inside her head made her head hurt.
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Theme Song: Nothing Can be Explained

…Noyamano Nami…

Nami's head shot up as she looked around, trying to find out the source of the mysterious, eerie, yet young feminine voice that had just called her name, coming out from all directions, yet from no place in a manner very much reminiscient of the way the spirit had first called onto her. "... Voice!?" Suddenly, she spotted a young girl lying on the ground behind her in pain, a teenager about the same age as her from what Nami could decipher. The girl's most distinguishing feature was her bright red hair and blue eyes, that she gazed into. Yet, she realized, that she was... trapped. Imprisoned.

"You... who are you!? W-What happened to you!?" Nami asked, automatically shifting into her traditional Shinou Academy basic shinigami battle stance, her hand on her zanpakutou. Then she felt the need to slap herself silly. What the Hell was she getting in a battle stance for?! There was a girl in front of her that was trapped, her entire body covered in white clothing of some kind that had restrained her greatly.

'…Mhm… mhm...!' the girl mumbled out, unable to speak due to the binds covering her mouth. Why did her wielder have to be so dumb? Obviously she was her zanpakutou's spirit, trapped in the very presence of Nami's own spiritual pressure - the restraints that she was in at the moment. She could not speak, she could only project her voice, but until this binding came out of her mouth she could not speak. Still, she would have expected her soul reaper - her soul reaper of all of those dumb lot - to be a little more wise as to not take up a fighting stance against a restrained, fallen, girl who was struggling like a worm unable to move.

"I'm sorry!" Nami gasped, before quickly rushing over, sprinting towards the strapped girl and crouching down in front of the pink haired female. "Who are you? What happened to you?" Nami asked, as she released the binding on the girl's mouth, crouched on her knees beside her. The girl coughed in response as soon as her mouth was released, and Nami watched as the being crimson haired girl directed a seething glare at her.

'How unsightly of you. You haven't yet figured out who I am?' the girl trapped in white said; Nami could see a small, sad frown playing across her features. Standing up, the tangerine haired girl took a few steps back, not knowing what to do here.

"I'm... in my mind... are you...?" she trailed off. Her voice was somewhat similar to the one she had heard before, except that the one she had heard before - who had confirmed to her that she was her zanpakutou spirit - was coming from all directions, like the voice of a true spirit. This was... this was just another being, in her conscious. Who was she? What did she want with her? Why was she trapped in white? What the Hell was going on.

'Is that anyway to talk to the person who gave you, in your astral form, you know the one you're in now, a mentally conjured image of yourself, clothes so you wouldn't end up embarassing yourself when you met me?' The girl replied with a smirk dancing across her porcelain white facial features, before she suddenly got on one knee and raised her arm - which had been untied by Nami prior - and thrust it downwards. Nami watched with astounded brown eyes as an exact replica of the sword she had just obtained, that had caused all this and was attached within a scabbard to her waist, emerged from the girl's white cloaked hand, completely unsheathed; her unsealed zanpakutou, her wakizashi with its exquisitely designed silver blade glistening in the unseen darknesses of the room.

Nami narrowed her eyes further. For some reason she felt as if there was some kind of mental block on her mind. No matter how much she strained it, she could not figure out who this woman was. It was only then that Nami noticed that despite being tied in a white strap jacket, her slender and powerfully built legs were still uncovered, leaving her bare legged and bare foot. It was only then that Nami realized that she was quite the beautiful female, however, she still could not understand who she was and that was what annoyed her the most.

"Fine," the woman clad in a belly dancing outfit huffed. "Now just tell me who the Hell you are!"

'What the Hell, how can you not know who I am? You're carrying me for cryin' out loud,' the girl huffed, angrily, bringing a hand up and loosening the tightness of the jacket she was clad in a swift gesture. Her curvaceous, well rounded figure disappeared slightly as the jacket loosened around her lithe frame, the girl's cold blue eyes glared back at Nami. 'My name is, *******!'

"What?" Nami's eyes widened. I can't hear her, thought she, as her eyes once again narrowed and she tightened her muscles in her basic soul reaper sword fighting stance, her wakizashi held in a Butō stance, with the blade held in both hands and the Zanpakutō's hilt placed squarely to the center of her chest. What did she mean by carrying her? She did not know what was going on, or who this woman was, but she was going to find out sooner or later.

The crimson haired girl in white sighed. 'I see, so I still haven't reached you, eh? How sad. How many times must I strain my voice for you to hear me?' she had an extremely annoyed look in her eyes as she shook her had in a pure display of perpetual sadness and anxiety. Suddenly, she sprinted forth so fast that Nami could only track her via a mere display of instinct. And equally instinctively, she pulled out the replica of the wakizashi she held, the one attached to her waist, unsheathing it and using it to block her sword strike. Yet, she was shocked at how heavy both blades were and fell to her knees.

The other teen stopped abruptly in front of her, their silver blades connecting in a sharp clang! sound, and Nami quickly scrambled to her feet to face her pink haired opponent properly – as much as she could, at any rate, seeing as the white clad stranger stood at least the exact same height as she did and that meant that the tangerine haired defender did not have the height advantage.

They stared at each other for a long moment, blades connected. Nami began to feel uncomfortable. Then she noticed the stranger's intensely cold crystalline eyes again, and she began to feel a bit beyond uncomfortable. Then the stranger shot forward, fisting a hand in the front of Nami's tope and yanking her up so that their faces were only inches apart, and the young Captain wannabe nearly jumped out of her belly dancing saree.

'Do you have any idea how aggravating it is to yell yourself hoarse for one whole year and just get ignored?'

Nami gaped. "One whole year...?"

'And two days, ten hours and eleven seconds! Damn right, I called your name for that long! I swear I was never this thick, how could my soul reaper be? – a little bit, yes, but nowhere near this level. One year, Nami, one year, and you still can't hear my name?'

Nami honestly wasn't sure what to say to this.

"Er… sorry?"

The violent teenage girl stared at her as though vaguely surprised. The hand holding Nami's bra top loosened, and the girl slid down from the tips of her high heeled sandals to stand firmly on her own two feet again. She took a shaky breath and rubbed at the back of her scapula cautiously, trying to ease the discomfort in the spot where her bra top had dug into her skin.

'Sorry?' the stranger repeated, almost disbelieving. 'One year of dealing with those naked women in your head, cold shoulders, silence, and orders to 'go away,' and all you have to say… is sorry?'

"Er, well, in my defense, I really have no idea what's going on or what you're talking about. And what is your name?"

'My name is the whole point of this issue we're having – and it's dzzzzzrrrgzzzznnn."

Nami gave the stranger a blank look, and the red haired teen sighed and slapped a hand across her forehead, muttering something that sounded like 'how damn long is this gonna take.'

"Well," Nagori said casually, "maybe you could just tell me why you're name's so important, and why I can't hear it, and what you're doing in my head… or what you were doing, anyhow. And I'm pretty sure I've got plenty of time now, seeing as time passes a bit slowly in here… this is my Inner World, right? And where is my zanpakutou spirit? I was hearing her voice all around a few moments ago but now its gone! Did you have anything to do with it?"

'I am your zanpakutou! And time passes slowly in here, yes, but only if you will it, and since I didn't will it for you,' the teenager replied grimly. 'Not really, at any rate. Seriously, it figures I'd get stuck with the one mistress who's as abnormal as I ever was… maybe even more so.'

Nami did not know what to ask about first. She settled for an eloquent "huh?"

The pink haired girl sighed, turning around, before suddenly turning back around and slamming her wakizashi onto Nami's again, who barely brought her replica of it up in time to block, eyes wide. Yet, this time, the white strapped girl added enough strength into it to send Nami flying away, crashing into a corner of the Church-like mindscape of hers, groaning in pain and then raising her head up to glare at her assailant. The other girl took a sword fighting stance, pointing the tip of the small but powerful blade at her. 'I can't blame you for not recognizing me, though. This is the first time you've ever come into your Inner World.'

Nami's eyes widened, then narrowed as she glared at him, wiping the blood off her chin due to her crash. The nameless pink haired girl weilded her blade in a powerful back hands grip before rushing through the air - literally flying, towards Nami. The world around them turned entirely black, before it suddenly turned into a wide expanse of a battle arena as soon as Nami brought her own sword up in a fore handed strike to block her opponent's back handed one. When she realized just how strong the other girl was - her feet were getting dragged across the arena, twin showers of ground shooting from both sides of her as he pushed her back! - she placed her other hand on the hilt of her wakizashi as well, to add more support, before pushing with both hands. It was strong, heavy... it gave her power, she could feel it! She could trust it not to break. It felt... hers!

'Why, why do I feel "yours"?,' she asked, in a monotonous, cold tone of voice.

Nami's eyes widened at what she just said. "You, how did you know what I was thinking!? And what do you mean you, I was referring to the sword! Oh... so... if you're my zanpakutou spirit..." she said, as she was continuously being pushed back, the fingers of both hands clenched tightly onto the silver small blade as its duplicate in the hands of the pink haired girl continued to thrust relentlessly.

"Why are you trying to..."

Cold blue eyes narrowed.

Amethyst insectoid eyes widened.


Suddenly, all Nami saw was a flash of bluish white light.

And she woke up, feeling her body ache all over. The blade was embedded into the floor of the arena just beside her, and she was crouched onto the ground, her hand around her wounded and bleeding shoulder, her belly dancing outfit whose origins she had yet to decipher torn and tattered, from what she assumed to be the effect of the attack she had just been unleashed upon with. Pain-filled eyes glared at the white restrainted girl as she stood in front of her, her wakizashi still in hand.

'Baka, I am the sword that you weild in your hands. If you can hear my name, I am yours; but your will is too weak to weild me. It seems I underestimated you,' was all she said, as she once again raised the blade and pointed the tip at her. She put her other hand beside her, letting it fall limply to the side as she believed she would not need to use it against a weak soul reaper like this - was she really a product of the enlivening of this woman's spirit?! She sucked! - and narrowed her eyes further.

She stood there, in that pose in all her bare legged glory, glaring at her as she returned that glare with pain-filled, angry, confused orbs of her own. She was the sword? 'Inner World'... she said that she probably would not recognize her because she had never been in her Inner World before. Meitou meant 'named blade'. So was that what this was all about? Was this about his name? He was a living blade. The Nanabi had told her once that these things existed. So he was a living blade with a name, and if she wanted to use him or tame him rather, she would need to learn his name from him? If she wanted to hear his name, how could she?

The sword girl raised a meticulous pink eyebrow as Nami suddenly grasped the hilt of her her replica of her material form. She watched as she used it as leverage to force herself onto her own feet again, before picking it up in her right, uninjured hand and pointing it towards her in a similar stance to the one she stood in. A further confused expression crossed the white clothed teenager's face as the girl literally seemed to judge the sword; swinging it around once or twice, tightening and loosening - adjusting! - her grip around its hilt; assuming a proper stance. The one her sensei back in the Shinou Academy - that blond-haired man, she knew! - had taught her in case she ever had to take up arms during a fight.

She would teach her well. She knew she had a brash, rather harsh personality. The zanpakuto spirit knew that she typically projects a tough demeanor, even when facing great personal difficulty, and rarely compliments or praises people. She readily criticizes others for their faults. On occasion, though, she still showed sympathy for others. When first reproduced, she was cynical of anyone with dreams, however after seeing Nami's determination - feeling Nami's determination to achieve hers - she had a change of heart, putting her faith in Nami, and taking on the mantle of making her strong herself. She would show the same level of loyalty to the soul reaper - her soul reaper - that other zanpakutou hold. She also had a great deal of faith in the soul reaper standing in front of her. She knew that in life-threatening or important situations that involve putting someone she cares for in danger, she tended to get angry with people who disagreed with her plan. But as she was right now, she was just a small, breakable wakizashi used for melee combat; her true powers awakened only if… If only she could hear, understand…

Nami suddenly unassumed what was truly a proper samurai wakizashi weilding stance, throwing the weapon to the side, causing the pink haired teen's eyes to widen slightly. Had she…?

"This sword isn't real."

Nami stated it, standing straight with her hands at her sides, as if it was the only truth in the world, as the replica that she had thrown away suddenly turned to dust and disappeared. Her pink haired opponent stared at her with alarmed eyes, before suddenly she closed them and smirked, before beginning to twirl her own blade about her hand. 'Really, now? Then where, per se, is the real me in my material form?'

"You are the real you, your material form is the blade in your hand."

The pink haired girl smirked broadly, revealing pearl white teeth in the process. She suddenly blurred away, reappearing in front of Nami, but unlike last time, she showed willpower. She did not fall. She stared at her right back in the eyes with unflinching body language. She showed her resolve. It burned in her eyes, she could see it spelling it out. Her grin turned into a small, cocky smirk again. She was not scared anymore. She was worthy. But now the strapped girl knew she had to make sure that she was strong enough, physically, to hear her name yet.


The next few days found Nami, with her training in order to get strong enough to weild her zanpakutou started, the young unseated soul reaper learning various positions and fighting stances for a weapon of her class and caliber from the much more experienced zanpakutou - or at least she appeared to be. Nami might have been able to surpass the Nameless Girl when it came to simple overall ability, but the experience the girl held was something that she had to respect and appreciate. She would probably have to buy a thank you gift for the pink haired zanpakutou later. Oh, how nettlesome. But for now, she had to focus on her weapon taijutsu stances. Not just breezing threw them either, but meticulously learning every detail about a stance. It took all lesson for Nami to get the first stance down, the girl would think she was doing things right but her makeshift "sensei" would raise or lower her arm slightly till it was in the "proper position." The same held true with her leg stance, leg width, overall body position, it went on and on till the lazy unseated soul reaper wanted to scream. After she finally got the "correct position" down the first time the so far Nameless Girl told her "student" and wielder to memorize the stance and let the lazy unseated soul reaper relax for a minute.

After the girl was off guard the other, pink haired girl, barked, "Resume your previous stance!" And the lazy unseated soul reaper did, or tried as she found out when the man whacked her upside the head with the hilt of her zanpakutou's material form saying that was not the "correct stance" and proceeded to tweak the position again till she had the "proper stance" down. This repeated until Nami could assume the "proper stance" at anytime and continued repeating till the crimson pink haired girl was sure the sun-kissed tangerine smelling girl could get into the stance without even thinking about it. Not that Nami had done all this for hours without argument; it was all so fudging annoying!

"This is all stupid and pointless, I've been doing good enough haven't I?" The tangerine haired girl had screamed after the fourth time the pink haired girl had tweaked her sword fighting stance.

"There is no 'good enough' if you want to weild me to my fullest extent, bitch. Those kind of things may work with Hakuda and for an unseated soul reaper not specializing in Kido, you have amazing spiritual energy control skills as well which you need in order to wield me effectively; drilled into you by your Academy training no less. Have you forgotten how that went? When you were still an under graduate? You've gone through all of this before; but I guess your my wielder, after all, and our traits will forbid you from ever having enough patience except to sleep or flaunt our breasts," the Nameless Girl grinned, putting one hand on Nami's breast and one hand on her own and squeezing them, before laughing pervertedly with a red face, causing Nami to yelp, blush and mutter something about perverted swords under her breath. Once her astoundingly attractive mammary gland was released by the zanpakutou spirit, she began explaining the terminology to Nami as if the girl was but an Academy student or a small child. Well - the perverted zanpakutou spirit figured - they all forget.

"If you don't have the 'right' position down then it's a 'wrong' position. The 'right' position will maximize your guard and maneuverability while using the least amount of energy. It may be boring and repetitive now but it'll payoff in the long run." The lazy tangerine haired girl had not been happy about hearing that, considering she already knew and applied most of that stuff subconsciously now, thanks to her years of training, and the Nameless Spirit's attitude made her feel like a little kid again, which she certainly did not enjoy - but she did not argue this time; she was becoming wise enough to know that if she did not complete her tasks to the zanpakutou whose name she was dying to hear's liking then she would not progress. And get her breasts foddled with.

Not too soon after that, however, the "real" training had begun. Three weeks later, the Nameless Zanpakutou, a legendary swordsman herself due to simply being - well, a sword! - finalized that Nami had had enough training and was, in every sense of the word, ready to go toe-to-toe with her and gain some real battle experience and grow her spiritual pressure and spiritual power. Thus, the actual spars began, the two girls giving it their all as they went toe-to-toe with each other. The Nameless pink-haired girl, obviously, always held the upper hand, but as time seemed to pass - in the outside world, day turned into night, hours turned into days, days turned into weeks, weeks into a month - she could see Nami becoming formidable with her own wakizashi wielding abilities as well.

It was in such a spar we find the two girls today, as usual, in their Inner World. Nami was, as usual, in her belly dancing outfit while the Spirit could not really don anything other than the strap jacket that apparently signified her sealed and sad state. Two blurs bounced off each other in a shower of sparks, resolving into Nami and the pink-haired zanpakutou, each dragging their feet - bare soles in the zanpakuto's case, mid-heeled gladiator sandals in Nami's - across the much-abused ground of the battle arena that they had materialized to stable out their inertia.

"Not bad, Nami-chan!" The nameless zanpakutou called. "Try this!" She charged, her left hand bringing the blade in a stab parrying motion towards the tangerine haired soul reaper that she wanted to be wielded by.

The orange haired girl ducked, tumbled, rolled and zig zagged, all in an effort to avoid getting hit. She came out of a roll closer to the zanpakutou than she'd predicted and both wakizashi flashed, coming together with an echoing ring and another flash of sparks. The blades locked, each straining to overpower the other before Nami shifted and lashed out with a bare legged roundhouse, though Nami softened the blow by getting her shoulder into it, as a result only skidding a few feet, but there was no time for a reprieve.

Nami was in her face, hher sword dancing like a silver snake as she spun it using its hilt, quickly pulling it in and then shooting it at her in repeated strikes, pressing her advantage as the more pink haired zanpakutou spirit strained to keep up with her wielder, student and sparring partners' lightning-fast strokes. The nameless spirit's opportunity came soon enough, however, as Nami came in too slow on a thrust, which the nameless zanpakutou batted away then snapped her bare foot up, catching Nami in the chin with her beautiful and attractive heel, it hurting extra due to her being bare footed, lifting her from her feet before her wakizashi flashed and Nami's went flying, blood spraying onto the ground behind her.

The wakizashi stuck, quivering in the soil, keen silver edge glinting. The deep blue eyed zanpakutou spirit and determined brown eyed unseated soul reaper pulled her blade back, freeing it from Nami's blood-slicked grip. At the last moment, the girl had thrown her wakizashi away and grabbed the blade of the nameless pink haired blue eyed zanpakutou's, taking a vicious cut in the palm of her hand.

Blood flew from the wound as Nami flicked her hand to get some of the fluid off, though her steely gaze never wavered, keeping locked on her zanpakutou spirit's. Her own orbs widened to the size of bowling balls as she realized the sudden change that had come over her zanpakutou spriit. Her eyes had changed - they had intense blue flames burning within them; she could feel the resolve, the intent to kill, behind them. The zanpakutou was not really trying to kill her, was she? What had become of her blade's spirit? What shined, or rather, burned in her eyes was like a raging fire, albeit colored blue instead of the traditional yellow or orange due to its sheer intensity within the blade spirit's heart. Is that how the girl had become so great? She was like a completely different person from the crazy perverted breast foddling zanpakutou Nami had come to know in the past month during her training sessions. Something was wrong with her; something entirely different.

Nami looked down at her hand; the blood seeping out of her wound had increased. It hurt so much, but Nami had learnt to ignore pain during her transcendance to the rank of soul reaper. Besides, a soul reaper's true abilities lay in their reiatsu, which she had enough of to ignore the pain. Yet; Nami did not want to harm her own ally, her own blade. She did not want to harm the zanpakutou to hear whose name she was doing all this in the first place. This was a simple spar, was it not? Then why did the zanpakutou not even falter at the fact that had Nami not released her weapon and brought her hand up in time, her sword would have pierced through her defense and slashed through her heart, ending her permanently? Even now, her bleeding hand was the proof of her zanpakutou spirit's sheer mercilessness.

"You could have defeated me with that last strike, you little mikan," the pink haired zanpakutou spirit spoke up. "But you hesitated to kill me and your speed decreased in response. Within that flash I attacked, with the intent to kill. Did not you learn in the Shinou Academy to teach you, to come at your opponent with the intent to kill?"

"Of course I did!" Nami grunted out, as she tore a piece of cloth from her belly dancing saree and tied it around her hand, the white cloth immediately becoming soaked with the red blood before turning into a pinkish hue. "But you're not my enemy! I'm not yours! This is just a spar and you're my weapon! But its as if you're really trying to kill me! You would have just killed me two seconds ago if I had not sacrificed my weapon, you slutty little fool!"

The nameless zanpakutou put a hand on his wakizashi, before lowering her head in order to shield her eyes from normal view and shook her head in disappointment. "Yare, yare, you stupid little mikan," she then looked up again, her eyes burning in that same blue fire - the Resolve of a Soul Reaper in its purest state. "Whatever gave you the impression that I'm not your enemy? I've been trying to kill you from the start."

Nami paled, her hands beginning to quiver. "W-What...?"

"Do you, with all your intellect, honestly think you will improve if you hold back on me? But of course not. The converse is true as well, Nami. You won't improve if I hold back on you either. We're staking our lives in this one match; I expect you to kill me. Come at me with the intent to kill! Do you not understand what that means?! You do, but you do not follow through with it - I do, though. I'm going to kill you; we'll worry about the circumstances that arise with that little ordeal later. I know that if you die, I die. But its better that I kill you - and myself, in turn - with my own hands rather than lending you my power only to die with my head held in shame when you are killed by a mediocre opponent. I don't care what you do about it - your life is now in your hands."

Nami's eyes wide, skin pale and body shaking in shock, comprehended every word her teacher and living weapon was telling her. She did not even see her move, when suddenly, the nameless zanpakutou was right on top of her, wakizashi drawn and a few millimeters from her neck before Nami, acting on reflex, shunpo'd out of the way. She reappeared to the side, rolling onto the ground, before bringing her hand forth towards her weapon. The blade seemed to shine in response, before it came straight into Nami's hand. Immediately pulling onto it, its hilt right into his hand, just in time to allow him to turn around and block an incoming dagger strike by her nameless zanpakutou.

The sheer force of the nameless zanpakutou's axe strike caused her feet to drag onto the ground, sending up mud and grass in all directions before finally she found a place to embed her middle length heels firmly enough to be able to resist and upthrust, deflecing the zanpakutou spirit's own strength, slashing once, sending sparks flying, before the two blondes fazed out and then fazed in on a rather peculiarly interesting position. Nami was panting, confused, while the zanpakutou spirit was determined, with her willpower and resolve was burning in her eyes, her reiatsu forming a flaming aura of red energy around her. The zanpakutou scowled and then said snidely, "There is nothing but fear reflected in your wakizashi. When you dodge, you're afraid of getting killed. When you attack, you're afraid of killing someone. Even when you try to protect someone, you're afraid of letting them die. Yes, your sword speaks to me only of absurd fear. What's necessary in a fight isn't fear. Nothing can be born of that. When you dodge, 'I won't let them cut me.' If you protect someone, 'I won't let them die.' If you attack, 'I will kill them.' Well, can't you see the resolve to kill you in my sword?"
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Post  Kyle on Sat Mar 05, 2011 2:51 pm

Noyamano Nami

Theme Song: Can't Be Tamed

Of course. She could, she could see it in the replica of her small wakizashi sword that her nameless zanpakutou spirit held in her hands, but why did her own lack that? That was what she had been lacking. Over the years, had she become too soft? The words of the zanpakutou spirit rang in her mind like church bells or the sound of an eagle's cry. When you dodge, 'I won't let them cut me.' If you protect someone, 'I won't let them die.' If you attack, 'I will kill them.' Was that the reason she could not go toe-to-toe with the best of them no matter how strong she got? Was that the sole reason she was so God damn weak? Of course it was! OF COURSE!!!

She quickly blocked out everything, ignoring it completely as she closed her eyes, finding her resolve. Why was she a soul reaper? Because her and the people of Rukongai District Seventy Eight, Inuzuri, the South Alley of Flowing Spirits, they were like a single pesron. When one of their eyes were affected, she was affected. But the vice versa applied in every sense. If Nami was so weak, so were the people of Inuzuri. If the people of Inuzuri were weak, so was the person who had raised her and the person whom she had been raised with - Bellemere and Nojiko - her family. If her family was weak, so was Nami! She was fighting for the people of Inuzuri, for the Rukongai District Seventy Eight. She was fighting for people like Bellemere, Nojiko, Ace-taicho and even Kurosaki Jinshin-sama! She was fighting to purchase Rukongai District 78 from the hands of the Central 46 so that she could protect the legacy of all the souls that came there and her family! If she would have to go as far as to kill her own zanpakutou for it...


"Sorry I'm late, you Pinkie you," Nami spoke up, smirking, as she picked up her sealed zanpakutou and pointing the 50 cm (20 in) shōtō blade at the pink-haired spirit, causing the other girl to raise an eyebrow. Nami's own eyes began to glow, burn with the Will power, the Resolve which she had lost not so long ago. "Here lies my Resolve." A light, almost unnoticable upward curving of the unnamed zanpakutou spirit's scowling face was the last action performed before the two raised their blades and disappeared from atop their previously occupied positions, into thin air.

Below, Nami and the unnamed zanpakutou spirit reappeared, Nami beginning to show signs of strain. Her breathing was deepening and she was beginning to sweat somewhat. She did not often move at these speeds - the most powerful Shunpo that she knew! - mostly using it for high-speed assassinations. Sustaining it was starting to tax her, and she needed to stay as fresh as she could if she wanted to save a standing chance against the unnamed zanpakutou spirit's nearly limitness stamina.

"You look tired, Nami-chan," the pink haired zanpakutou taunted. Nami snorted in an unlady-like manner, matching her smirk with one of her own.

"Just getting warmed up," she said.

"Really? Then, how about a round two?"

"I was wondering when you'd ask." the unnamed zanpakutou vanished, reappeared then swung. The abrupt speed took Nami off-guard, and her sword went flying to stick into away to crash away into the corner of her Inner World. "Shit!" A second swing and blood sprayed, Nami skidding backward, her white belly dancing frock flapping from the diagonal gash torn at its side, clutching at the wound beneath it on her thigh. Thankfully, she'd managed to get enough distance to soften the blow.

"Not so high and mighty now, huh?" the blue eyed unnamed zanpakutou spirit licked the wakizashi she held in her hands clean with obvious relish, showing a darker side to her that Nami had never seen before. She now realized how deadly her zanpakutou truly was. "What'll you do now?"

The duo sprinted at each other again, the Spirit's wakizashi flicking out to try and take another taste of Nami's blood, but the soul reaper moved a hair to her right, getting inside the thrust, then grabbing the Spirit's wrist, turned into her, and launched the girl whose name she could not hear and white strap jacket-clad living blade over her shoulder. The Spirit felt shocked for a moment before shifting her weight to get her feet under her, crystal eyes widening when a flurry of kunai flew straight at her at unbelievable speeds. Once again, the sword in her hand flashed, knocking the weapons out of the air, landing in a skid, getting ready to stab at Nami, who was running straight at her, looking determined.

Nami shunpo'd out of view with a grunt. This was draining her stamina, fast.

"Not again!" she whined, almost childishly, as Nami burst out from just underneath the female zanpakutou, driving her fist into the Spirit's cheek, throwing her away to skid over the ground, tumbling head over heels, her sword arcing into the air, which Nami attempted to catch before the Spirit flash stepped over to it and reached it before Nami could, moving quick enough to suddenly block an incoming strike from Nami's silver replica of her own material form, sending sparks flying into multiple directions. It was during this contact that the Spirit interpreted that Nami had used the brief interval to snatch up her own wakizashi back from where it had been thrown by her previous attack.

"Well you have your weapon back, and I tried to hard to make you get rid of it, too," the zanpakutou clad in a white strap jacket said with a smirk as the two landed again, their swords in hand, shining in the light of Nami's Inner World. Nami's response was to dash straight at the Spirit again, leaping into the air, forcing the Spirit to shield her eyes from the sun as she watched, the jumping Soul Reaper corkscrewing in flight to bring her blade crashing down directly on top of her; with the Spirit raising her hand to block and sending another series of sparks flying in multiple directions.

The Soul Reaper threw her lilac hilted wakizashi into the air and then in a flicker she was back on the ground, maneuvering her hands to dance on the ground, spinning around in a handstand to slam her other sandalled foot into the Spirit's shoulder, knocking her off balance before Nami collapsed into a spin, sweeping the Spirit off of her bare feet, rolling to avoid the impact of Nami's follow-up dagger attack - her using the minuscule amount of time between the Spirit's going off balance and her regaining balance - to recall the hilt, and thus the silver shōtō blade attached to it, into her hand. The blue-eyed Spirit kicked up to her entirely bare feet before spinning to face the tangerine haired unseated soul reaper. She wiped a thin sheen of sweat from her brow.

"Wow, not bad, Nami-chan."

No doubt, even without outside interference, this battle would push Nami to her absolute limits. What she was doing was almost insane: taking on her zanpakutou spirit one-on-one in a live or die match when her spirit blade was not going to be holding back, as she herself had put it, an atom's weight worth of her strength. She took her traditional stance, left side leading, the wakizashi held at shoulder level with its blade slightly tilted. The Spirit took the exact same stance with her own version of her material embodiment. She was the one who had taught Nami that stance, after all and she knew how to counter it.

"Well, well... It seems as if you and I will have the benefit of having no interruptions for a long while, even if there is a chance that the people outside your mind in Soul Society might sense your fluctuating reiatsu as you train and come running over here in the illusion that we are some kind of ryoka invading Soul Society," the bare foot Spirit said, flicking her spiky mop of pink hair behind her and then tilting it downwards slightly, so as it were to hide her eyes. Nami, by now, did not need to see her living blade's eyes. She knew they always had one look in them in any battle the zanpakutou would attend - they were always burning in a blue fire, the Resolve of every Soul Reaper and their partner Soul Slayer in its purest state.

"Enough talk, you nettlesome decrepit little strap-jacket. If you've got time to shoot off that mouth of yours, then you've got time to fight!" Nami replied as she leapt at the blue-eyed red-haired white-clad Soul Slayer spirit that she dared call her friend and partner, throwing several stabbing technqiues with the wakizashi version of her unsealed zanpakutou that she possessed. In retaliation, the pink-haired spiritual being blocked the incoming projectiles with expert flicks of her own replica of the blade, then raised her right arm, containing the blade and ejected a particularly strong and destructive blast of reiatsu. It rushed out to meet the airborne Nami, who disappeared at the exact moment of impact, surprising the Soul Slayer. Never in her life had she seen something like that happen, for all her soul slayer-ish experience.

'Shunpo? No... she couldn't possibly be that fast, even if the girl does come close... what the hell is going on? Is it some kind of illusion? What the Hell' the spirit thought, frantically searching for the whereabouts of her adversary and part of her soul. She felt no sudden disturbances of reiatsu, so that crossed out her being super fast out of the possibility. Unless she was so fast that the zanpakutou had to force herself to take it to the next level, which seemed highly unlikely.

"Looking for me, you nameless bitch?" a voice said from behind the pink-haired zanpakutou spirit, shocking her to her very core. She managed to block the tangerine and mikan loving unseated soul reaper's attack, the two blades clashing, sending out a brilliant flash of light. The Spirit moved her blade with great skill and finesse, but the soul reaper's movements - although unorthodox and lacking proper training - were quick and precise, with each attack coming closer and closer to striking the bare legged zanpakutou spirit. The blue-eyed female realized that this girl was on a level unlike any she had expected. Her reiatsu seemed to grow - along with her resolve - the longer the fight continued. The Spirit decided that, if she wished to make her soul reaper the strongest there ever was, she would have to hold nothing back against this girl she now loved like her sister and friend.

She still couldn't hear her name...

The Spirit suddenly retaliated with several lightning-quick slashes, surprising Nami for a brief moment. The pink-haired zanpakutou had been holding back on her, even though she promised that she would not. She shook that aside and focused. This battle would be a test of grit and endurance for Nami, based on everything she had learned and trained up until now, because her blade was apparently was no slouch when it came to combat. Nami smirked on that thought, she expected her blade to be strong; you did not become the zanpakutou of future greatest Captain of the Thirteen Court Guardian Squads because you simply volunteered for it! Nami rebounded off of the Spirit's blade before adhering to the wall that seemed to her like the left arm of some giant statue, but she did not have the time to notice it. She had a name to learn, and a living blade to surpass. Gathering reiatsu, she pushed off the wall with great speed and swiped at the Spirit with her almost 50 centimeter long wakizashi. The Spirit took the strike's full force with both hands gripping her own replica of the same blade. They disengaged before trading blows and locking blades once more. The Spirit performed a horizontal decapitating slash, which Nami ducked under as she pivoted in a full circle, attempting to cut her opponent's legs out from under her.

The more experienced zanpakutou jumped over the slash, bringing her blade down on Nami, hoping to stab the girl in two. As soon as her wakizashi's edge connected, Nami vanished into thin air once more. Ureshii narrowed her eyes in annoyance. She still could not understand what it was Nami was doing to avoid these attacks of her, but she was determined to figure it out. Or maybe she had underestimated her soul reaper; her skill was shunpo was superb! For now, She would have to simply wait for the opportune moment, however. Nami enhanced her senses using her reiatsu, and waited for a disturbance in the energies that surrounded her. A few moments later, she felt the slightest movement from her left. Facing what seemed to be a stack of crates, she raised her hand and swiped her blade, sending a wave of reiatsu blast at seemingly nothing but a bunch of wooden crates. The Spirit smiled sadistically as her adversary burst out from the stack just as the white reiatsu wave smashed the boxes into pieces. Her smile grew as a couple of splinters pierced Nami, one in her exposed waist, the other in her bare right forearm.

Pushing the pain aside, Nami threw her stabbing weapon from her vantage point above the zanpakuto, the living sword narrowly evading the blade as it embedded itself into the piece of the ground where she had just been standing. Nami landed on top of the blade, her mid-heel covered feet expertly balanced on the pommel of the otherwise tiny blade's hilt.

[color=crimson]"Why don't you stop fighting like a coward, Nami-chan. You disgrace your family and your blade by using such tactics," the Spirit taunted, hoping to provoke the orange haired brown eyed teenage girl. To her surprise, Nami smiled. But it was not a warm smile. This smile was cold, predatory, and full of amused malice. Nami jumped off her small blade and drew it from the ground.

"Fine then. No more games. I'll finish you off here and now," she stated, then charged. The Spirit prepared her own replica of the blade before charging herself.

Nami charged reiatsu into her unsealed blade as she flipped it into a reverse grip. She sliced at Ureshii's shadow, leaping above the white-clad spirit's own swing as the green-clad zanpakutou spirit expertly dodged. As Nami somersaulted, she brought her blade in line and brought it down. The Spirit leapt back, and realized her mistake as soon as Nami's reiatsu empowered blade made contact with the head of one of the statues. The tangerine haired girl, with a broad smirk, released the reiatsu she gathered in her blade into a powerful burst of spiritual energy that proceeded to tear a path right at the Spirit, leaving a jagged crack in the ground.

"Come on!" Nami called out as the pink-haired girl skidded to a stop before leaping over the blast of reaitsu. The Spirit then brought her blade down once more, with Nami parrying it with a reverse guard. The Spirit reverse flipped, but had no time to rest as Nami counter attacked. She performed two quick stabs with her wakizashi before leaping into the air and making a lightning fast strike with the blade, her entire body turning to give her attack better velocity. Still in midair, the future Captain of the Thirteen Court Guardian Squads stabbed her wakizashi into the ground. She used it as a small pole and gave the Spirit a powerful midair kick, knocking the powerful soul slayer over the edge of the head of the statue they were on and down towards the ground below. As gravity continued to bring the two warriors down to earth, they let nothing deter them from continuing their battle as they continued to exchange blows, their blades clashing with brilliant flashes of light.

Finally, the two landed opposite to each other, both of them panting heavily. The zanpakutou spirit sighed, as she turned around and saw that she had broken Nami's replica of the wakizashi in that fight. But she had seen all that she needed to. She had seen just how far this girl could go. She was worthy, more than worthy of accessing the true power of her weapon.

'You did well fighting me. Here's your prize,' she said, as she jumped back, throwing the silver and light blue blade in her hands towards her. She then turned around and embedded her hand over her strap jacket, eager to get it off. It was the sign of her being sealed. The porcelain white skinned zanpakutou spirit had decided that it was time to her to be free. She only hoped that her soul reaper partner and sister could hear her name. On the other hand, Nami caught the blade, before she sheathed it in the scabbard strapped to her back, not taking her eyes off the pink-haired zanpakutou spirit's lips for a second. Thin white lips that were fixated into a cocky smirk.

'Weild me with gratefulness and I shall lend you my power. Next time I tell you my name, you better hear me, understand?' Now go, Noyamano Nami…-sama.'

Nami grinned as she twirled the sheathed blade about her finger like a flail. "Call me Nami-chan or Nami, and now, gimme my Shikai."

'On one condition, which you could probably guess what it was going to be' she said, turning her face away so all she saw was a white strap-jacket covered back, a mop of red hair and bare legs, as the world around them seemed to once again disappear and take a new form.

'Call unto me.'

She said, her voice echoing, once again projecting as if it was coming from nowhere yet everywhere at once. Nami only nodded, strapping the scabbard back onto her hip before she closed her eyes and placed her hand on the hilt. Suddenly, she felt a whizzing sensation...

And when she opened her eyes, she was standing outside the in the Tenth Division Training Grounds again, where she had first started her training for Shikai several weeks ago. The Sun had almost set. Well, she had apparently been fighting and training for a long while... but why was she standing? Had she been sleep-walking?

Deciding not to let the invading thoughts enter her mind just yet, she instead focused on the scabbard in her hands yet again. 'Get ready, Nami. Make sure you listen, and follow your instincts. I'm about to tell you again.'

Nami lifted her sword and nodded again. Something she didn't recognize stirred within her, something strong and powerful. It felt her own. Her heart started beating faster, and she fought not to smile. Whatever it was, it felt… rather good. The tangerine haired girl quickly and instinctively hefted the wakizashi again, before driving the tip into the dense earth below them. Light erupted again, a brilliant shade of azure that would be a fascinating and admirable color had it not been sheerly blinding. Once again, the self-proclaimed savior of Rukongai was blinded for a second before it she saw the scabbard glowing. Nami placed a hand on her hilt, ready to draw it.

The spirit smirked. 'Remember. The enemy is one, you are one… there is nothing to fear. Let your spirit force rise… like that, yeah. Now, release it.'

Acting on instinct, Nami did.

Brilliant sapphire light burst into the air around her, encircling her completely and bearing down on the floor so hard that the rock of the training grounds began to crack. Nami's eyes widened in shock, and she brought her arm forward without even properly willing her mind to do so.

'Now, Nagori! Cast off your fears. Look forward. Move forward and never stop. You'll age if you pull back. You'll die if you hesitate. Shout! My name is—'

Nami grinned and thrust her blade to one side as soon as she unsheathed it and released a spectral beam of hardlight bluish white energy, holding it at an angle toward the ground, before raising her hand up and holding it high up, its tip glistening in the light of the setting sun. The blue light around her flared, exploding through the training ground and throwing everything into sharp relief. She unwittingly focused on her spiritual and physical energies, carefully gathering it all in to herself again. Then she sent as much focused energy into the blade as she could, mimicking what her astral form had done earlier in their Inner World. She heard it. She knew it. It was amazing… so this was her power now, the power lended to her by her very own Crimson Moon. She called out, drawing the blade and slashing it down in the span of less than a second.

"The elements marshal their infinite might at my beckoning! Power seethes in the roiling clouds! Now, at my command -- STRIKE, KOUZUKITENSHOU!!!"

Rock, dust, debris, rubble. All four items that adorned the Seireitei's Tenth Division Training Grounds shot up into the air. The resulting attack was larger than any Nami had produced before and she grinned proudly at the newly formed canyon in the floor of Tenth Division's accomodating grounds, that literally seemed to cut the thing in half. A beautiful smile on her face at the accomplishment, she once again looked down at the staff in her hands, as a wave of the setting sunlight reflected off its shiny blue metallic surface. This was her power. This was her own Shikai. Her… Kōzukitenshō. She also noticed that she now stood in that same bellydancing outfit that she had adorned in her Inner World during her training. So it too was part of her Shikai, it would seem. But she had still to comprehend what her Shikai could do.

"I gotta admit, I didn't expect that much from one swing," the spirit, Kōzukitenshō's voice echoed in her mind, grinning widely. As soon as she heard her partner's voice, Nami, content and pacified, suddenly drooped her shoulders, some drool escaping her lips as she collapsed in front of the giant crater she had formed, snoring away. The bo-staff collapsed onto the ground, before turning into her unsealed state again.

'Noyamano Nami… you are one frightening woman.' Inside Nami's Inner World, the pink-haired spirit, now free from her chains and clad in an even more revealing belly dancer outfit than her soul reaper was, turned back, mentally recalling the image of the 20 foot wide canyon that the Noyamano clanswoman had formed when she had utilized her attack - without even knowing its name no less! - that she had seen through the woman's eyes. Just how much potential did this woman have?
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