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Shūsui and Yōkishoku Shūsui Empty Shūsui and Yōkishoku Shūsui

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Shikai: Shūsui

Shūsui (spirit)

Name - Shūsui (秋水, lit. Clear Autumn Water)
Type - Kido
Description - It looks like an ordinary wakizashi. The hilt is light-blue with a tsuba made of two slim bars of metal around the blade to make the handguard, resembling an "N".
Shikai - The zanpakutō turns into what resembles a bo-staff that can be separated into three pieces, only made of steel and are hollow. They can be combined in order to form a complete bo-staff. Upon initiating the release command, Nami's standard shihakushō is replaced with what appears to be a bellydancing outfit (see picture above). This outfit is part of Nami's Shikai and the damage it can take is directly proportionate to the remaining strength and level of Nami's reiatsu.
Activation Phrase - "The elements marshal their infinite might at my beckoning! Power seethes in the roiling clouds! Now, at my command -- STRIKE, SHUUSUI!"
Shikai Special Ability - Each separate piece of the Shūsui is capable of producing a bubble of air. The bubbles produced from each piece have different properties. With certain combinations of these bubbles and Nami's knowledge of weather conditions, Nami is able to simulate different weather patterns to aid her.
  • Heat Ball (熱気泡(ヒートボール), lit. Hīto Bōru): Produced from the "Heat Pole" either when air is blown into the end of it or it is shaken, the Heat Ball is a red bubble of heated air that drifts along in the air. It heats up the temperature of the area surrounding it. In Bankai, this attack becomes powerful enough to do damage to an opponent in its basic form.
  • Cool Ball (冷気泡(クールボール), lit. Kūru Bōru): Produced from the "Cool Pole" when air is blown into the end of it, the Cool Ball is a blue bubble of cold air that drifts along in the air. It cools down the temperature of the area surrounding it. In Bankai, this attack becomes powerful enough to do damage to an opponent in its basic form.
  • Thunder Ball (電気泡(サンダーボール), lit. Sandā Bōru): Produced from the "Electric Pole" when air is blown into the end of it, the Thunder Ball is a yellow bubble of electrified air that drifts along in the air. It electrifies the air of the area surrounding it. In Bankai, this attack becomes powerful enough to do damage to an opponent in its basic form.
When the pieces are put together in certain combinations and activated by a button located on a piece connected within the combination, they can produce a variety of different results. These results are offensive techniques associated with the zanpakutō, involving around manipulation of weather to a limited degree, allowing Nami to use the weather as a weapon.
  • Cyclone Tempo (サイクロン テンポ, lit. Saikuron Tenpo): Nami puts the "Heat Pole" and "Cool Pole" together like an X on the top of the "Electric Pole". She swings it like a bat, and the X detaches from the "Electric Pole" spinning torwards her opponent. When the X hits, the hot and cold airs collide and create a massive wind that blows her opponent away. The X will return to Nami like a boomerang.

  • Mirage Tempo (蜃気楼(ミラージュ) テンポ, lit. Mirāju Tenpo): Nami uses the "Cool Ball" in a dry and hot environment to change the air density and create a mirage of herself. The extreme difference in temperature causes major light refraction, allowing Nami to disappear and create an illusionary copy of herself.

  • Thunderbolt Tempo (サンダーボルト テンポ, lit. Sandāboruto Tenpo): Nami uses "Cool Ball" to make the air cooler while she uses "Heat Ball" to suck up the moisture. The heated air then rises and collides with the cold air. The air then condenses and creates a cloud. Nami continues to enlarge the cloud by producing more "Heat Balls" and "Cool Balls." Finally, she uses a "Thunder Ball" to electrify the cloud. Soon after, a powerful lightning bolt strikes her opponent.


Shūsui and Yōkishoku Shūsui Nami_PerfectClimaTact
Bankai: Yōkishoku Shūsui

Yōkishoku Shūsui (spirit)

Bankai - Yōkishoku Shūsui (陽気色秋水, lit. Color of the Seasons: Clear Autumn Water)
Type - Kido
Description - While the appearance of the zanpakutō itself remains largely unchanged, each of the three "Poles" seem to have gained an orb at each of their ends. These orbs store her reiatsu and amplify it, powering up her zanpakutō's Bankai abilities. Nami's own appearance, clothing-wise, undergoes yet another change in her Bankai. Like her zanpakutō spirit's wild personality, she too gains the ability to change her clothing appearance at will. Most commonly it seems to be a gold-rimmed small top that reveals her ample cleavage, a blue mini-skirt and gladiator sandals, over which she dons a blue leather jacket, leaving her mid-riff, navel and most of her legs bare for the world to see (see picture above). However she has known to assume different attire when she feels like it. Like her Shikai, these clothing changes are part of Nami's Bankai and take damage proportionate to the level of her reiatsu.
Bankai Special Ability - In Bankai, all of the Shikai form of Shūsui's offensive uses are several times stronger than they were before, plus there are an infinite number of attacks available by combining the Heat, Cool and Thunder Balls in innumerable combinations, only limited by Nami's creativity. All of the combinations and uses of the Shūsui have been upgraded exceptionally. The attacks now hit harder and with a greater range than before. While Shūsui could only allow Nami to simulate different weather patterns, the Yōkishoku Shūsui actually grants her mastery over weather. She can create a vast number of effects which mainly deal with weather manipulation using her reiatsu and reiryoku. Nami becomes greatly in tune with nature and the elements. She can feel them, and likewise they react to her emotional state. She can manipulate weather patterns on a variety of scales, including the ability to summon large and violent thunderstorms and blizzards, as well as sleet and hail, fog and rain. Nami can also use the weather as a weapon. She can summon lightning bolts that can be used to blind, stun, or severely injure her opponents even to the point of death.
  • Power Augmentation: While her zanpakutō is primarily kido-based and hence Nami receives very little physical enhancements compared to the Physical-type zanpakutō users, she can still use her enhanced reiatsu to augment her physical abilities so that she can at least go toe-to-toe with most melee users out there, lest she get owned by someone with a Physical zanpakutō before she can even use any of her kido-based abilities. Her strength and speed seem to be enhanced in her Bankai. (+30 to Strength, +30 to Speed).
  • Enhanced Bankai Duration: Furthermore, the fact that all of her spiritual energy is stored within the three orbs attached to her zanpakutō's three pieces, which then channel the spiritual power to produce various weather-based effects, means that usage of her Bankai doesn't expel as much spiritual power as other Bankai from the point of activation; thus allowing her to remain in her Yōkishoku Shūsui at a much longer duration than any other Bankai users of her level.
  • Thunderbolt Tempo (サンダーボルト テンポ, lit. Sandāboruto Tenpo): An upgraded form of the move Nami could use in Shikai. With the Yōkishoku Shūsui, the lightning created is now larger and strikes multiple times. Unfortunately due to its increased range and power, Nami has little control over it. This means that both friend and foe alike would be electrocuted.
  • Thunder Charge (サンダー チャージ, lit. Sandā Chāji): Nami creates a "Thunder Ball" on the ball end of a piece. With the "Thunder Ball" on the tip, she can then perform "Swing Arm".
    • Swing Arm (風速計(スイングアーム, lit. Suingu Āmu): After charging the piece with electricity from Thunder Charge, Nami twirls the piece on its connecting socket with the rest of staff. After several spins, she swings the electrified piece at the enemy for a powerful electric attack.

  • Cool Charge クール チャージ, lit. Kūru Chāji): Nami creates a "Cool Ball" on the ball end of a piece. With the "Cool Ball" on the tip, she can then perform "Mirage Tempo: Fata Morgana".
    • Mirage Tempo (蜃気楼(ミラージュ) テンポ, lit. Mirāju Tenpo): An upgraded version of the "Mirage Tempo" used in the Shikai state. Nami is still able to create mirages to distract opponents however with the Yōkishoku Shūsui, she is able to do more. Using the "Cool Ball" located on the staff, created by "Cool Charge", she is able to cloak herself in blanket of air to make herself invisible.
    • Mirage Tempo: Fata Morgana (蜃気楼(ミラージュ) テンポ 幻想妖精(ファタ・モルガナ), lit. Mirāju Tenpo: Fata Morugana): An advanced version of the Mirage Tempo technique in Shikai, that creates multiple images of Nami using reflections and refractions within the air. The images that are created consist of a long and tall skinny version, a short kid version, a fat version, a big, muscular version, and a normal version of Nami. Only one of these images is real, however, it isn't necessarily the normal looking one. Each of these images is capable of moving in unison with the real Nami due to their reflective nature. Any attack Nami produces while surrounded by these images will also be replicated, creating a barrage of projectiles. Although only 20% of the attacks are real, so this tactic confuses even fast opponents into getting hit.

      Mirage Tempo: Fata Morgana
  • Cyclone Tempo (サイクロン テンポ, lit. Saikuron Tenpo): An upgraded form of the original Cyclone Tempo that can be used with the Shūsui in Shikai. Nami bends one end of the entire staff and connects the piece to the adjacent piece. She then throws the oblong two-piece shaped combination at an opponent. The upgraded form appears to be more powerful.
  • Fog Tempo (フォッグ テンポ, lit. Foggu Tenpo): Using "Cool Ball" against fire, Nami is able to create a massive fog barrier due to the water vapor in the air increasing in density from the rapidly heating cold air. The fog is used to blind the opponent so that Nami can land an attack on them.
  • Cloudy Tempo (クラウディ テンポ, lit. Kuraudei Tenpo): With this, Nami creates a small cloud capable of producing rain.
    • Rain Tempo (レイン テンポ, lit. Rein Tenpo): With this, Nami is able to create rain from an already existing cloud.

  • Dark Cloud Tempo (黒雲(ダーククラウド) テンポ, lit. Dāku Kuraudo Tenpo): Nami forms a small, condensed, electrically charged cloud.
    • Thunder Lance Tempo (雷光槍(サンダーランス) テンポ, lit. Sandā Ransu Tenpo): The Yōkishoku Shūsui's ultimate attack, said to be comparable to an Augmented Getsuga Tenshō or a Hollow's Cero, particularly Cero Oscuras. Using a cloud previously formed with Dark Cloud Tempo, Nami creates a lightning bolt going directly from the cloud to her zanpakutō bo-staff. Any opponent, should they be in the path of lightning bolt, would be pierced by the bolt like a lance and given extreme electric damage to their body.
      Shūsui and Yōkishoku Shūsui Thunder_Lance_Tempo
      The Thunder Lance Tempo, Yōkishoku Shūsui's strongest technique
      (click here to see video)

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