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Character Description


Dante Sesshoku Naruto_fanz___dante_evil_by_Su_Zhe_

Basic Information

Profile Name: Shinigami
Character Name: Dante Sesshoku
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Height: 5'11
Weight: 180 lbs
Personality: Kenpachi/Urahara
Loves: Unknown
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: God complexes, anyone who thinks their better then someone else, people who harm or use others to climb rank, and many more that is currently unknown.
Relationship Status: Single
Family: Unknown(Kurosaki)

Basic Info Continued

Rank: Captain
Location: Earth and Sereitei
Position: First squad
Clan: Kurosaki
Specialty: Zanpakuto Techniques

Secondary Specialty: Unarmed Techniques

Name – Kage Urufu (shadow wolf)
Type – physical
Description - Dante Sesshoku MasterSword
Activation Word(s)- Taste the shadows Fang.
Ability – This special beauty is the beginning of a masterpiece, Fox is the first form of Dante's duel wielding swords, this little beaut allows Dante to warp from one darkness to the next as well as moving like the darkness very quietly and fast as hell. (+50 speed, warping ability)

Name – Shi Urufu (death wolf)
Description - Dante Sesshoku Prince_of_Persia__sword_by_Skipina
Activation Words(s) – reap the shadows.
Ability – This second stage of the duel wielding swords is more than just awesome its insane! This ability gives Dante a really cool ability that can remove all physical form of Dante actually being hit by weapons or attacks so he can avoid damage fully, BUT, he cannot attack in this form what so ever until he returns to his physical form to take damage as well as inflict damage. But also this gives Dante a really nice surge of power flowing through his body, enough to match the famous Zaraki Kenpachi.

Seal necklace (hides all of his reiatsu)
Mesh Clothing(instead of being normal cloth it is a metallic mesh that helps protect Dante from Damage)


Dante was born at night, it was a warm night at that with a slight breeze blowing through the land, at one point a woman could be heard screaming at the top of her lungs from the pain of giving birth to a baby boy with the boy's father holding the mother's hand in anticipation and excitement of the boys birth as well, but his father being from soul society, Sereitei, and his mother being a human with reiatsu they met and fell in love coming to how Dante was born. The boy was born with an astonishing amount of reiatsu already when he was born.

Child arc
Dante's childhood was normal and loving as any child hood should live in it, but his childhood arc was the beginning of a upcoming nightmare, his ability to see spirits and even converse with them always freaked him out and his parents tried keeping it a secret for him as long as he could by his teacher being a home school even though he had friends, but some of the spirits he saw we're brutal and scary looking which gave him nightmares, as well as his first hollow sighting. This started a large chain for his child life that would continue on for a long long life.

Teen Arc
After Dante became a teenage his father started to teach him the arts of kenjutsu, he was a slow learner but skilled at the same time, for which when he was around his sixteenth year of life he discovered the fact of his major ability and skill to use not just one sword but two evenly as if fighting with one sword, it proved to be a very interesting style and mastery for him later on in his life.

But following in which he discovered his first zanpakto unaware of it being a sword with a life force attached or it having a shikai or bankai, his father was killed while on duty in the line of action trying to defend the citizens of earth, the loss of this warrior gave the king of sereitei the option to opt for Dante and his mother to live in safety in soul society where Dante could continue to learn and train as a shinigami. Shortly after Dante's mother died of a broken heart and Dante went crazy from the amount of his emotions overwhelming him, he over exerted his bodies limits and put himself into acoma for a year after all his training.

After he came to he had no recollection of who his father was or who his mother was or what his actual last name was, he took on a different last name, Sesshoku, he rejoined as a soul reaper with the knowledge of all his training and skills but nothing of his family or his younger years.

Rank climbing Arc
Soon after Dante became a lieutenant he unlocked his shikai and bankai forms together which was mostly unheard of but his spirit being twins, they both became great friends and Dante treated his sword as if it was his own body and life. The unlocking of both of his zanpakto's forms lead to having him being looked highly upon although him still being a human it raised eyebrows around Sereitei. Dante didn't mind that all that much though as he fought just as hard as any other soul reaper, if not harder in some cases and trained hard to keep his skill up to par, if not increasing his skill. Until a year later he was given the great honor of being given the first captains spot by the squads leader as he found it was time to retire, and he had his eyes on Dante for a great amount of time. The leader watched as Dante grew up in Sereitei till this time that Dante was honorable and skilled enough to lead his own squad, to which he was now given the title of being the first captain. Where he currently resides in both of his homes, Earth and Sereitei serving and protecting both realms from hollows and performing his duties, is there more powers to be found out by this young leader that not even he knows about?

Character Stats

Level: 90
Reiatsu: 320
Speed: 110
Strength: 140


Getsuga Tenshou
Getsuga Tenshou
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4

Unarmed Techniques
Hohō (Shunpo)
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4

Sword Techniques and Styles
Quick Shift
Double Swords
Kurosaki Clan Style

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