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Character Description


Rakdos - King of Hueco Mundo Demon_Anime

Basic Information

Profile Name: Nyrax123
Character Name: Rakdos
Gender: Male
Age: 666
Height: 7'1
Weight: 185 lbs
Personality: A man with very conflicting personalities, very chaotic. He can switch from one attitude to another in mere moments.
Loves: Chaos, fighting, death, life, calm walks, Peace
Likes: Food, surprisingly
Dislikes: Shinigami!

Basic Info Continued

Rank: King
Position: King of ALL


Name: Ranmyaku
Words to activate: "The cycle of life and death continues, we will live, and they will die!"
Description: Normally your average looking katana, with the bottom half of it being white and the top half being black. Upon releasing its name the katanas form into two separate katanas that can be connected at the center, facing opposite directions. The katanas have curved handles, allowing them to be more mobile. One will be black while the other will be white. Rakdos always uses the black half to attack while the white half acts as a block for himself. Rakdos himself will gain a much more distinct appearance as his body becomes covered in extension of his Hierro. True armor. His right half will be covered in malevolent black armor that gives him the appearance of a death knight, while the left half is covered in shining white Paladin armor, to represent that Chaos within Rakdos. Also, Rakdos gains four wings in this form. Two devil bat-like wings on his black side, and two white angels wings on his white side.

Zetsumie: Rakdos will aim the black katana forward before charging up what appears to be a cero. However, this technique is much more potent as it is RAW chaos. Nothing can exist within Chaos, so whatever this beam strikes will disintegrate unless Rakdos wields it to do otherwise. This attack costs 40 Reiatsu to cast.

Ukiyo- A very simple technique. Rakdos will stab himself in the white katana, and it will drain half of the damage that he's received and place it within the blade. Upon doing this Rakdos must successfully slash his opponent with the white katana and transfer the damage to them within three of his own posts. If he fails to do this the damage will return to him. Costs 15 Reiatsu

Henran- A technique that causes malevolent black energy to fully surround Rakdos. This is the same chaos that Rakdos created in the Zetsumie technique, but instead is used as a shield to stop any incoming attack because nothing may pass through it. Costs 20 Reiatsu to use.

Annon- Rakdos will point his sword towards someone, possibly himself, and cast a beam of light upon them. If they stay still for one post to absorb the light they will receive several healing bits of Reiatsu that can ever allow broken limbs or ripped off body parts to return to them. It can save anyone on the verge of death, but will not stop death itself. This technique costs 30 Reiatsu.


During the times of the great Shingami war Rakdos was nothing but a fool soldier who loves nothing more than to get on the fields of battle and score as many kills as he could. while this was nice for a time he could not help but feel that there was more, that something was missing. His fierceness in battle allowed him to quickly rise through the ranks, each victory giving him more and more power. Eventually towards the end of the war he took the position of king once the old one had passed away. Now he seeks for nothing more than his own amusement and survival. It is told though, that he has many other things on his mind.

Character Stats

Level: 100
Reiatsu: 200
Speed: 240
Strength: 235


Cero (and similar techniques)

Sonido (Tier 4)
Cero Double (Tier 2)
Gemelo's Sonido (Tier 4)
Bala (Tier 5)
Cero (Tier 5)
Hierro (Tier 5)
Grand Ray Cero (Tier 4)
Cero Oscuras
Cero Metralleta (Tier 5)
Bala Barrage (Tier 4)

Unarmed Techniques

Sword Techniques and Styles

Heaven and Hell - A sword style that revolves merely around making the opponent miss and constantly making them misstep and lose their footing. It plays very much like fencing and because of it is a not very favored style of fighting. However, when used correctly it is great for fighting off multiple opponents, making your opponent frustrated, and wearing them down over a period of time. Longer, light weight swords are tend to be used with this style.

Hell's Trip - A very basic technique that is used against another swordsman. When charged at the user will merely use their speed and strength to send the opponent's blade off course. This is usually followed by some form of counter attack, or something else to mess up the opponent.

Heaven's Kick - A technique that not many ever see coming. By using the long blade this style is known for, the user will use the very tip to knock away their blade, leaving them open for an attack. This could involve the user's own blade but normally a kick will be done in order to cause some blunt trauma to the enemy.

Vanishing Angel - A disarming technique that Rakdos is able to use due to his speed and strength. The moment that the enemy's sword comes into the range of his sword Rakdos will swing down, causing the tip of his sword to meet his opponent's, once the blade is aimed down from Rakdos's hit, Rakdos will than launch an upward slash at the handle of the blade. Doing this will cause the opponent to usually drop his sword from the sudden change of the blade, possibly cutting their hand if Rakdos aims for it as well.

Laughing Devil - Rakdos performs a basic spin technique, turning his arm as well as his body to add momentum to his strike. By doing this he gains more cutting power from the speed of the arm combined with his entire body. This is a great move for either attacking multiple enemies or blocking multiple blades.

Divine Grace - A counter attack technique that Rakdos is able to use. As the opponent gets close with their blade Rakdos will slash up at the opponent's blade, aiming to force open their defense. If successful Rakdos will quickly slash the enemy's chest.

Cruel Damnation - Rakdos will perform the same guard breaking move as Divine Grace, however instead of a simple slash he will lunge forward, aiming several stab wounds against the victim's chest. This move is extremely devastating if successful due to the puncture wounds.

Burning Flame - Rakdos uses the spinning ability of both his blade from the curved handle, and his body to make his sword move at insanely quick speeds. Upon moving closer and closer to the enemy he will finally put all his energy into one powerful slash, aiming to completely destroy the victim of the attack.

Holy Light - A pure defensive technique that Rakdos created. He will spin the blade infront and around him while standing perfectly still, focusing all his energy on stopping an attack. Upon learning where the attack is coming from Rakdos will quickly position his blade to spin at the exact moment that will cause the attack to be deflected.

God's Love - Rakdos will stand still for several moments and wait for an opponent to make a move. Upon them doing so Rakdos will use his fencing skills combined with his Hierro. Since Rakdos is accustomed to not being hit it is rare for him to put his own body at risk. when the opponent attack he will use the palm of his hand to knock away the blunt end of their blade, leaving the opponent open and very close to Rakdos. HE will always follow this up with a counter attack.

Devil's Hatred - A multiple spin technique that is meant to deal damage to any individual that Rakdos can hit. This move is most dangerous when in use with his Zanpakuto. Rakdos will spin his body rapidly, constantly adjusting the height of his swords in order to make the opponent unable to read how exactly his move works. Generally the first spin will be to knock away any attack and open his opponent's guard, once that's done though Rakdos will continue spinning to deal as many slash wounds as possible to his enemy.


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