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Kengetsu and Tensa Kengetsu Empty Kengetsu and Tensa Kengetsu

Post  Itachi2pt0 on Fri Feb 25, 2011 5:53 pm

Name - Kengetsu
Type - Kido
Description - Kengetsu and Tensa Kengetsu 1155085232_Urahara2
Activation Word(s)- Destroy, Kengetsu
Ability - Uses Getsuga Tenshou. In addition, it allows Jinshin to use Getsuga Tenshou without swinging his blade (still is expelled from the blade though)

Name- Tensa Kengetsu (Complete)
Description- 2 chains wrapping up Jinshin's arms with 2 fingerless gloves, and bandages wrap around his upper body (he has no other clothing on his upper body).
Activation Word(s)- Annihilate All That Stand Before You, Tensa Kengetsu
Ability- Gives Jinshin +60 Speed, +60 Strength. It also allows Jinshin to unleash Tier 3 Getsuga Tenshou without moving, in any direction.

Owner - Kurosaki Jinshin

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